The Hottest Workouts to Try if You're the Ultimate Beach Bunny ...


The Hottest Workouts to Try if You're the Ultimate Beach Bunny ...
The Hottest Workouts to Try if You're the Ultimate Beach Bunny ...

Beach bunnies be aware, there are some really great workouts for you that can be performed while you take in the sand, sun and beauty around. And there is no need to lug around heavy equipment, since these are body weight exercises all you would need is a beach towel or yoga mat. There are a variety of workouts that range in time from 10 minutes to 40 so choose the workout that is best for you. And have a great time as you get your best beach body shape, starting today!

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10 Minute Beach Workout

Work your glutes while you get in some sun at the beach with this super effective lower body workout. You can enjoy the view of the sand and sun as you get in your best shape. This workout is great because it takes just 10 minutes of your time, making this perfect for all fitness levels. Beginners just perform one set and as you get stronger add several sets.


Tone Your Thighs

Put in the work and you will be thankful you did because of the great results that you can achieve. Start with this super yoga and body weight circuit. In this workout all you need is a yoga mat and 20 minutes time to take a step in getting in your best shape. And as you are at the beach all you need is your mobile device to play this workout and move to the beat as you get in your best shape!


Love Your Lean, Strong Arms

Transform yourself and better your body with a body weight circuit that focuses on firming your arms. This routine will combine yoga, pilates and strength moves to help you get in super shape. The great energy in this workout is just what you need to boost your motivation as it helps you to get fit in just 10 minutes on the daily. Feel free to combine this workout with the other routines because of its short duration.


30 Day Butt Lift

If you want to tighten and tone your glutes, why not get up to the challenge? A 30 day challenge that will help you to better your booty and lift those glutes. Focus on form as you follow this video and start Day one on a bang to get in your best shape while you take in the beauty of the beach, beach bunny!


Want Abs All Will Envy

If you want abs that all will envy, perform this super effective workout while you enjoy the beauty of the beach. This workout will help you to strengthen and engage your core so you see results and feel the burn. Just make sure you combine this workout with healthy eating choices so you will achieve your goals of slim sculpted abdominal perfection.


Love Your Legs and Butt Starting Today

In just 20 minutes you can target your legs and butt to get in uber shape. This workout will help you to challenge your body and push yourself to the next level. Just go at your own pace and as you get stronger, add another set. Make sure to take in the sights of the beach and beautiful sound of the waves as you get your fit on!


Perform This Beach Workout for a Beach Beautiful Body

In this 40 minute workout, you will work the major muscle groups of your body and push yourself to boost your metabolism. If at any time in this high intensity workout you need to break, take a short pause and then get back into it. This routine will most certainly help you to get in super shape and you will feel stronger as a result! So get to it starting today!

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