How to Toss the Excuses and Finally Get Fit from the Girl Who Did ...


How to Toss the Excuses and Finally Get Fit from the Girl Who Did ...
How to Toss the Excuses and Finally Get Fit from the Girl Who Did ...

All my life - even as a child - fitness and health was always my priority. As a child I recall looking at fitness models and wanting to be in shape like them. It was not about just looking the part but about being fit and feeling like I could do anything. I wanted to be lean, strong and have the ability to run for ages without getting tired. And I felt determined to be fit. Believe me if I can do it, so can you! So let me share a page from my book of life to help you get in your best shape and achieve both your fitness and health dreams!

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human action, clothing, human positions, arm, leg, Motivation is what gets you going each day! On the days you would rather sit on the couch and relax, you lace up your shoes and get out for a workout. On the days when you are tired, you push through. Get motivated to get fit and you will do it!



clothing, image, swimwear, beauty, girl, Just as determined as I am to help you get fit, I push myself each and every day. There is no one waking me up or pushing me for a workout other than myself. Get determined to get in shape and guess what? You will do it!



clothing, beauty, sports, muscle, leg, Being dedicated, you will stay on schedule and not let anything get in your way. Your fitness plans are just as important as any other appointment and you will let absolutely nothing get in your way. Get dedicated and you will rock your goals!



clothing, leg, beauty, thigh, supermodel, The love of fitness, being ready to fight for your goals because of what you really want is passion. Passion is what wakes you up, pushes you to work harder and gives you the ability to always give it your all. Passion is about never giving up and always staying true to what you really want.



hair, lady, muscle, blond, arm, Energy is what helps give you that spring in your step and helps you to get your very best workout in. You will push harder, longer and even feel better if you just have energy. Make sure you fuel your body with healthy food so you have the energy to get in your best shape!



human action, person, sports, muscle, sport venue, Willingness is the will to give it your all. On the days where you feel defeated, tired and afraid to go on, you push through. And when the going gets tough you use this as pure fuel to push yourself even harder. Because you want to get in shape and you want it bad.


In for the Long Haul

clothing, hair, undergarment, lingerie, underpants, Regardless of the time and energy it will take, you are in it for the long haul. You want to get in shape and nothing will stop you. This is not a phase in your life, this is a lifestyle change so you will stay true to your goals and get in your best shape!


Keep a Schedule

clothing, sleeve, arm, jogging, tights, When you have a regular workout time that's fun and full of variety, you'll stick with it. If you set specific days and times for working out, you're more likely to continue and have the mentality of an athlete. Try setting timers on your phone or writing down workout times in your planner.


Create a Support Group

clothing, thigh, leg, spandex, tights, Having a group of people with like fitness goals will hold you accountable. Expressing your wants of having a healthy lifestyle with others will make you think twice about bad eating habits or skipping a workout. You can hold your group accountable, too!


Set Goals

clothing, thigh, leg, spandex, tights, Writing down your aspirations will give you something to work towards. There's something about putting pen to paper that makes you want to follow through with whatever goals you set for yourself. It will give you the motivation needed to push yourself and take it to the next level.

So follow these tips, get focused, eat healthy and stay true to your fitness and health goals. You cannot live in both worlds so choose to be healthy and stay on track for the long haul of life’s journey!

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Very true just give it a go just do it

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