Banish Those Love Handles with These Foolproof Exercises ...

Want to know the best exercises to lose those love handles? Love handles, also known as the oblique muscles are a problematic area for most women. Love handles are the excess fat that may be lurking on your waist and driving you crazy on a daily basis. This is especially the case if you are a new mom or if you have parents with this same problem area. This doesn’t mean you can chalk this all up to genetics. You can change this and get rid of this excess fat! And there is no reason to live this way so why not do something about it! Clean up your diet and try these exercises to lose those love handles so that you can live the fabulous life you deserve! If you are tired of pulling up your pants higher, wearing a one piece bathing suit or just feeling plain uncomfortable with your waistline, you should read on.

1. Side Bends

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Pretty simple, just go to the side, come back up and attack those love handles. Tighten those abs and activate your core to results you'll be proud of. It is time to lose those love handles so you can feel super sexy in your skinny jeans!

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