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Turbo-Charged Exercises Guaranteed to Blast Away Belly Fat ...

By Tara

"Exercises to blast belly fat" is one of the most searched workout questions on the internet. Since the midsection is a trouble zone for most people, often they assume they are doomed for a lifetime with a tire around their waist. High-waisted jeans, tankinis, loose tops, baby doll dresses and an endless array of other outfits are sold for the sheer goal of hiding belly fat. But at the end of the day, when you undress you are back at the same place you started, with the goal of combating your belly fat. So grab a glass of water, check out these videos, revamp your food to include fruit, vegetables and whole grains and get ready to work to get rid of your belly fat! You deserve to achieve your fitness and health goals so let’s get working to achieve this with these exercises to get rid of belly fat. And one more thing: if you are a sugar addict, ditch the processed sugar for the natural sugar in fruit for nearly instant results. You will see and feel the difference in your body in a matter of days! Okay, let’s do this.

1 Core and Legs

You may notice someone familiar in this video because it is me, your trainer, motivator and AWS writer. In this video, I will show you the proper form for lunges and the plank. Work your total body so you can lower your fat stores, rev your metabolism and combat your belly fat. Stop wishing and start doing to make a difference in your body!

2 Ten Min Killer Abs

You do not need endless hours to get in your best shape. With healthy eating, eliminating processed foods and this Fitness Blender 10 min intense abs, you can be on your way to 6 pack abs. Follow along to the guidance in this video and make a change starting today!


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3 9 Fit Ab Moves

There are so many abdominal exercises, so where do you begin to get super sculpted abs? Well, start out with these 9 moves to help you achieve flat, fab abs that you have always dreamed of. With clean eating and exercise, you can grasp your flat abs dreams and go ahead to make this into your reality!

4 Follow These Fit Gymnasts

Love the inspiration of fit folks, especially when I know this helps move other people to get in shape, like this video. Check out these gymnasts as they show you how to get 6 pack abs. Just follow along and get ready to feel the burn as you work to the Uptown Funk song. Get fit, fab and have some fun in the process!

5 Standing Ab Routine

You may picture every abdominal workout to include you lying on your back in a routine but think again. With this 10 min standing ab workout brought to you by Fitness Blender, you can perform a great set of core exercises all while standing. So follow along and remember to follow this up with healthy food to nourish and replenish your body!

6 Tough Tabata

This 45-minute Tabata interval training workout can take you to the next level of your weight loss and abdominal sculpting goals. Since these workouts are high intensity with minimal rest, this will help you to torch calories and get in super sexy shape. Combat belly fat, build endurance and get in superhero shape by conquering this workout on a regular basis!

7 Love Your Body Intervals

Tone and tighten with the Toned Up crew from Bravo. Working your legs will increase your metabolic rate, helping you achieve a fat burning state. This will help you to lower your body fat stores and slim down and shape up. So follow along to get fit and get your abs ready for your bikini!

So with all these abdominal slimming workouts, stop reading and get moving. And follow this up with healthy food to lose weight, better your health and get the 6 pack sculpted abs you have always dreamed of!

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