7 Genius Tiny Workouts You Can Easily Fit into Your Lunch Break ...


7 Genius Tiny Workouts You Can Easily Fit into Your Lunch Break ...
7 Genius Tiny Workouts You Can Easily Fit into Your Lunch Break ...

Okay, so it is lunchtime and since you brought lunch from home today, what in the world will you do with an hour break? An hour is a long time to eat a salad so why not squeeze a bit more into your schedule and get your workout in? If you get your workout in early, you will have less stress in finding time for fitness later in your day. As a certified trainer, I recommend going for a light workout, showering if you can, and then eating lunch at your desk. As easy as 1,2,3, you can find time for your fitness and get in your best shape!

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Bootcamp Workout

No time for a long run in the midst of your day? Then perform 3 sets of 18 lunges, as seen in this video of yours truly, followed by 3 sets of a 1-minute plank. And if you have the time, I recommend squeezing in a 1-3 mile run after. By finding time for your workout over lunch break, you will take one step closer to achieving your goals!


Plyo Power

The day is beautiful and the air is clear, so slip into your workout gear and have no fear. Check out this great plyo exercise, the starburst, as I guide you to get in your best shape. Just make sure you focus on form and drop into a squat, then burst up. This exercise will help you to elevate your metabolic rate and really feel the burn!


Short Fitness Segment

Let’s face it, every day you have a choice in who you want to be. You can choose to relax and sit eating lunch at your desk or you can choose to get in better shape by exercising. Seriously hoping you choose the latter of the two. Check out this video as I help guide you with a tiny workout you can easily squeeze into your day.


Burpee to Add Beauty Today

Add a few sets of lunchtime burpees into your day to amp up your results, tone up and slim down. Burpees are an effective total body workout that can transform your body. Just 3 sets of 18 can have you feeling so glad you chose the burpees challenge over the turkey sandwich.


Pump It up with Pushups

Pushups are incredible to help work your upper body and core but on your lunch break, the best way to get in shape is to perform several sets of pushups along with a 10-minute cardio session. So slip into your workout gear and running kicks to get in shape while your coworkers nosh.


Park Play

If you have children and find yourself spending lots of time at the park, why not use the park bench for some dips, squat touches and abs? And if you are up to it, perform some chin ups on the monkey bars. This workout can slip easily into your day over lunchtime. And in a matter of weeks you can see and feel the difference!


Work out with the Kiddos

If you are at home and thinking of heading outdoors with the kids, why not have a picnic lunch and a workout session? Tiny workouts add up to make a big difference, so jog in place, perform jumping jacks, pushups, lunges and jumping janies to get in your best shape.

Just remember, when you are spending 10 minutes or hours each day exercising, every step you take is one step closer to your goal. And tiny workouts add up!

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