7 Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity ...

Boost your immunity and beat a cold, flu and other illnesses this season with some great yoga poses. Did you know this twists, balances and stretches can actually help kick up your immune system and stay well? All you have to do is concentrate and master better balance. And did you know certain poses can help you to do just this. Yes it is true, there are certain poses that help clean your immune system, get rid of congestion and help your body to perform at tip top shape. So are you ready to open your mind, body and airways to boost your immunity with these great poses? Then start with these few poses and have a kick your immune system in the behind so it performs at its best!

1. Hero Pose

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Be a hero to your body and boost your immune system with the hero pose. Concentrate, get in the yoga zone as you follow this video and stay here for 15-30 breathes, relax and feel your body almost getting healthier as you do this pose.

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