7 Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity ...


Boost your immunity and beat a cold, flu and other illnesses this season with some great yoga poses. Did you know this twists, balances and stretches can actually help kick up your immune system and stay well? All you have to do is concentrate and master better balance. And did you know certain poses can help you to do just this. Yes it is true, there are certain poses that help clean your immune system, get rid of congestion and help your body to perform at tip top shape. So are you ready to open your mind, body and airways to boost your immunity with these great poses? Then start with these few poses and have a kick your immune system in the behind so it performs at its best!

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Hero Pose

Be a hero to your body and boost your immune system with the hero pose. Concentrate, get in the yoga zone as you follow this video and stay here for 15-30 breathes, relax and feel your body almost getting healthier as you do this pose.


Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend

The wide legged standing forward bend is great for open up your lungs and airways to alleviate congestion. After just one pose you may notice your nose beginning to run as your airways are relieved. Hold for 30 breathes and relax as you release tension and boost your immune system.


Revolved Half Moon

Are you up for a revolved half moon? Feel your confidence increase as you get stronger, but can you hold your body longer in this yoga pose? Follow the video and be inspired to boost your immune system, gain flexibility and just feel great! And remember you can do anything you put your mind to!


Upward Salute

The upward salute helps perfect one of the simplest things that we do each day, standing tall and keeping your back straight. Bettering your posture can actually have you visiting the doctor for ill visits less and even breathing more easily. So get into focus and salute your way to better health today!


Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

Beat the cold and flu this season with the extended hand to bog toe pose. This pose is something you will work up to as you become stronger and more flexible. Just make sure you are alert and concentrated because this pose is all about balance.


Warrior Pose III

Warrior pose III is the hardest of almost all the yoga poses but it will help to boost your immunity and get you in better shape. Just get focused and hold your balance to complete this pose.


Standing Forward Bend

This pose stretches out your entire backside and increases the circulation in your body to help you think clearer and avoid illness. Take a deep breath and hold for 30 seconds then release. This pose just help you to relax your body and ease the stress away.

Hope you have enjoyed all these great yoga poses and you have stretched your way to a better immunity. Just get into focus and concentrate to get into pose and balance away. Take a deep breath and know that you can be in your best health, just eat healthy, perform these poses and make sure you get your cardio in!

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