7 Workouts to Get You Ready for Your Next Date ...


If your nerves are high as you prep for your first date and you would love to feel less guilt as you enjoy your dinner date out, you may want to opt for a pre-date workout. Even after being married for 11 years, I still get some predate jitters as I prep for dinner out with my husband but a workout always eases my stress. So get with the program, get in shape and feel more confident with these great pre-date workouts!

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Get over It

Get over first date stress with this 30 minute cardio blast workout from Jillian Michaels. Work your larger muscle groups to boost your metabolism before you get dined (and possibly even wined).



In 10 minutes let trainer Andrea, who has helped many Victoria Secret models to sculpt and tone, help you to get in shape and feel super sexy as your prep for your date. If you are short on time because you want to beautify yourself for your date, this 10 minute blast will be just what you need.


Work It out

I love this Tabata workout for a quick, cardio blast, especially to ease your pre-date nerves. The simple structure, 20-second intense intervals followed by 10 seconds rest for four minutes, will help you to push yourself, elevate your heart rate and then rest. In this workout you will build strength, but you burn more calories during and after your workout. Try two rounds of Tabata, shower and have a great date!


Shake Those Hips

Shake those hips and move that body like Beyonce. Follow this video so you can warm your body up and learn how to get it done. If you are going dancing on your first date, this intro might be just what you need!


Show Him What You’re Made of

There's no better way to show him what you're made of or at least pretend you will because he will not be there than a 30 minute body weight bootcamp. In 6 super effective moves you can work your body strong and push yourself to the next level. So as you gaze across at your date at dinner you will feel that much stronger and more energetic!


Run It out

Perfect your running form, head out to the great outdoors and run the stress out. Run for your heart and your heart will run healthier for you. Run for your mental health so you will feel less stressed over your date. Take in the fresh air and smile because today is a new day with all new opportunities that await you!


Stretch It out

Once done primarily by dancers; these pilates stretches will stretch out your body and strengthen your core. Relax and enjoy these meditative moves as you prep for your next date!

So the next time your prep for your next date, take a deep breath and work your body out; I promise you will be glad you did!

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Haven't been on a date in years :-( I take myself out!

You forgot Kegels ;)

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