9 Yoga Workouts for Muscle Toning ...


People that have never done yoga may think yoga poses are for the weak bodies, but yoga can actually challenge your mind and body more than any other workout. This is especially the case if you know what you are doing and you push yourself when performing the exercises. So are you ready to put your body to the test? Then work your body with these poses starting now:

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Melt the Fat Away

Melt the fat away and tone your muscles with Jillian Michael as she leads you through some yoga poses. These stretches may look easy but put your body to the test and you will be amazed in how these workouts will challenge you.


Lose That Fat

Trim down and love your body by working with these yoga poses in 40 minutes. These exercises work the accessory muscle groups for the long, lean effect you have been wanting!


Power Your Body

Work your abs, get in a Zen place and use these meditative moves to trim down and elongate the body. Yoga has proved to work for centuries because as you work out you get in a happy and relaxed place. So power your body with this workout.


Relax the Body

Stretch and open up your chest, back and lungs as you relax. This makes a great pre date routine. This yoga workout can have you feeling relaxed as if you just left a really good massage. So get in a happy place and get yogified!


Feel Your Deep Muscles

In 30 minutes, get deep into your muscles and work your body strong. Rejuvenate, distress and recharge with this great 30 minute yoga blast!


Relax Your Mind and Body

Relax your mind, and body and get in your best shape. Tone your total body from head to toe with this ultra-effective yoga workout.


Feel the Burn

Define yourself with a leaner physique with these super yoga poses that can help you get in tune with building, strengthening and stretching your muscles. Are you ready to feel the burn?


Love the Stretch

Relax, refocus and rejuvenate your body and mind with this relaxing yoga workout. Stretch your entire body out while feeling like you are on a retreat since this video taken in Newport, California looks amazing!


Feel Abmazing

Work it hard to the core with the absolutely amazing yoga workout. By following this routine just several days a week and eating healthy you can expect to see dramatic results on your waistline. So let’s get working!

Are you feeling ready to work it like a yogi and get in your best shape?

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These look great, thanks!

PiYo is the best yoga dvd I've done, I've used Jillian Michaels but it gets very repetitive xx

Thanks for this, a must try !

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