5 Days of Arm Workouts for Girls Who Want to Say Bye to the Jiggle ...


5 Days of Arm Workouts for Girls Who Want to Say Bye to the Jiggle ...
5 Days of Arm Workouts for Girls Who Want to Say Bye to the Jiggle ...

Hey girl! Are you tired of seeing jiggle on your arms? And as you wave do you feel like your arm is waving back at you? Okay well before you stress or accept something you are not happy with, let’s do something about it! If you put in the time, you can transform your upper body and get in serious shape. Check out these videos to tone your upper body so you can feel your best. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Weighted Arms

Follow along as you get fit with this trainer so you can feel the burn in this one workout. The best part about it is that it is a quick but intense workout that hits your shoulders, biceps and triceps.


Resistance Bands

If you want to know how to get rid of arm fat, I can help! It's time to tone up the arms with a great arms workout. All you need is an exercise band! Check out this sexy arms exercise that is for biceps toning. You've first got to step on the band with both feet, take the band in both hands and curl the biceps.

The next exercise will not only help you get toned arms but also works the back and shoulders. Take the band in both hands in front of your body and pull out to the sides. This arm exercise totally burns the triceps. And there is so much more; so get to it so you can start working to achieve great results!


5 Minutes to Fab Arms

If you want sexy arms, take 5 minutes and follow along in this video with model and 2004 Maxim Magazine "Hometown Hotties" Winner, Brittany Lee. She will work you to tone and sculpt sleek, photo shoot-ready biceps, triceps, and shoulders in just 5 minutes. Shape up for spring break with these effective upper body exercises that are sure to get you sexy and toned!


10 Minute Arms

In just 10 minutes you can target your upper body and get in super shape. Be the envy of others because you chose to focus on your fitness. Perform pushups, weighted arms and other targeted exercises so you can say goodbye to the jiggle. There is no reason to be unsatisfied with your arms, so get a grip on your fitness starting today!


Compound Movements

In this video you will perform compound exercises working multiple muscle groups at once to make the most out of every fitness moment. You get out what you put in so make sure you focus and give it all you got!
So say good bye to the jiggle and get your best upper body yet starting today!

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