Pokemon Go Fitness Challenge to Get You in Shape in 7 Days ...


Pokemon Go has been my life for quite a little while now and I love it. I've actually lost weight on it too, which wasn't my goal but I'm glad it happened! All of the walking is fantastic, but I actually made the game … into a fitness game! Below is what I did and how I lost it!

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When You Hatch an Egg

Perform 15 push ups and a one minute plank for every egg you hatch. Make sure you focus on form and aim to get your chest to the ground for each move. Work your total body and feel the burn! You are on your way to great results!


Hit up a Pokestop and do This

Now go for 10 lunges and 10 reverse lunges to target your lower half and boost your metabolism. Focus on getting your legs down to 90 degrees to make the most out of these effective lower body moves. Know that you will rev your metabolic rate since you are targeting the larger muscle groups!


New Pokemon, New Challenge!

Perform 25 jump squats followed by a 2-minute squat hold. Tighten the muscles you are working for great results and push yourself to increase the duration as you get stronger. Just remember you get out what you put into this so give it all you got!


Win at the Gym? do This

Win a battle? Go ahead and jump on the elliptical for 20 minutes. What if you don't win? Get on the treadmill for 20 minutes along with 10 lunges. This will really pump you up for winning!


Drop a Lure? do This While You Wait for Them to Come

Perform the mountain climber for 1 minutes and 10 triceps dip. Use a bench or chair to get down for the triceps dips and tighten your triceps as you perform each exercise!


Earn a Medal? do This

Every time you earn a medal, celebrate your accomplishment with 15 crunches, 15 bicycles, and 10 Superman's exercises.


Gain a Level/ do This

Celebrate that you are one level further than you were before with 100 jumping jacks. You will increase your cardiovascular fitness and be on your way to getting in super shape. So keep up the good work, you got this!

Alright all of you gaming girls, you ready to make an even better game out of Pokemon Go? Follow these exercises to do it!

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I love Pokemon !

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