7 Core Fitness Basics for Girls Starting Their Journeys ...


7 Core Fitness Basics for Girls Starting Their Journeys ...
7 Core Fitness Basics for Girls Starting Their Journeys ...

If you are starting to train to lose weight you need to understand the core fitness basics to help you get on the right track to achieving super success. Simple choices like eating healthy, getting on a regular workout schedule, lifting weights and even finding fitness that you love can make all the difference. If you want to see incredible results, all you have to do is put in the time and be ready for positive change. As a certified trainer and major fitness enthusiast, let me share with you the core fitness basics so you can transform your life!

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You Are What You Eat

food, plant, produce, fruit, dish, Ok, so it is not always easy to make healthy food choices, especially when dining out, but you seriously are what you eat. If you eat foods high in fat you will see these results on the scale. If you choose healthy food, your choices will be reflected in the number on the scale. So just choose health every day!


Consistency is Key

clothing, undergarment, black hair, muscle, arm, Some days are better than others and I do know that, but no matter what you need to make time for your workouts. Consistency is key to great results. You cannot expect to see results unless you earn them. There is no fairy godmother to wave a magic wand, so get working and train for great results!


Do Not Be Afraid of Weights

clothing, hair, swimwear, blond, brown hair, I constantly see women shy away from weights in fear of getting big but guess what - this is seriously so far from reality. In order to achieve bulk you would have to have hormone replacement and loads of protein, and still you would not achieve the bulk you see in a male weight lifter. You will see toned muscles and boost your metabolism from lifting weights. So stop fearing what can change you for the better and help you get a seriously slamming body!


Never Skip Meals. Always Graze

eating, dish, food, meal, sense, If you start skipping meals to lose weight you will be majorly upset because missed meals will have a counter-effect. Instead of losing weight, you will begin to gain weight and slow down your metabolism. Grazing with mini meals throughout the day will give you tons of energy and also boost your metabolism so you lose weight and even recover quicker from your workouts!


Fall in Love with Fitness

structure, room, gym, sport venue, muscle, Stop dreading what will change you and fall in love with fitness. Fitness workouts will help you to lose weight, sculpt your body and just feel better. So start going at it with a positive frame of mind and be ready to achieve the amazing results that you deserve!


Exercise Early

clothing, swimwear, beauty, girl, human positions, Between work, appointments, cleaning and the daily rigors of life, it is easy to get lost in the mix and miss your workout. But if you were to simply rise early, you would have literally nothing holding you back from a super sweaty workout session. So choose to get up earlier and get your workout in. I promise you will have loads more energy to conquer the day with a smile!


Get to Bed Early

clothing, leg, furniture, thigh, finger, Get to bed sleepy head so you can avoid weight gain, ensure that your body performs optimally and even be in a better mood. Lack of sleep can lead to making poor food choices so aim for 7-9 hours of sleep on the daily. And I guarantee you will feel and look so much better!

So with these core fitness basics, are you ready to get in superstar shape? Then follow the basics and prepare to achieve the incredible results that you so deserve!

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