7 Workouts to Get You in Your Best Shape in 2 Weeks ...

So you have an important event in 2 weeks and you really want to get in shape? You have plenty of motivation, but is this enough time to get in shape? Well there is no time like the present so make the most of every fitness moment and get moving so that you can work towards achieving your goal. If you want it, you have to work for it, so get up and get going and follow these super videos. If you are a beginner do what you can and build up to working out for longer each day. And don't forget, make sure you eat healthy so you can make the most of your workouts and achieve the best results!

1. HIIT Workout

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Up the intensity of your exercising by trying this 44 minute workout that has periods of stretching, high intensity, strengthening and cooling down. This workout can be the first of your week and you should perform this every Monday. Make sure you follow the tips in this video to focus on form and make the most out of this super effective workout. Have fun getting fit!

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