7 Weeks to Help You Get Your Best Body Yet ...


7 Weeks to Help You Get Your Best Body Yet ...
7 Weeks to Help You Get Your Best Body Yet ...

Getting your best body yet in 2024 is a goal that's not just feasible but also fun—with the right mindset, of course. I know, this sounds like one of those cliches that we hear every New Year as we sip on our last glass of champagne and put off another trip to the gym. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’m still trying to find creative ways to dodge doing burpees. But what if I told you that you could reach your fitness goals without turning into a fitness junkie? Yes, let’s leave that military bootcamp vibe for someone else.

Let's break it down together. The first step to achieving the best body is to understand that this journey doesn't have to be excruciating or boring. In fact, it can be a delightful escapade that transforms not only your physique but also how you feel about yourself. We’ll sprinkle in effective workout plans, wholesome nutrition tips, and smart lifestyle habits to help you get there. There’s no magic pill, but there is an engaging plan that won’t have you rolling your eyes every time you think about hitting the gym.

Remember when superhero movies first came out, and everyone wanted to have those chiseled looks? The secret isn’t just in pumping iron for hours. It's more about creating a sustainable fitness routine. And yes, that means finding a balance between strength training, cardio, and even a little yoga. But wait, there’s more! It's crucial to avoid what I like to call the "Instagram trap." You know, where you think that every meal must be kale and quinoa and every workout an uphill sprint. Let's make this more relatable and sustainable, shall we?

The cornerstone of getting your best body yet starts with a realistic, tailored plan. We'll dive into details such as meal prepping techniques and creating effective workout plans. Heck, sometimes it's as simple as swapping out your soda habits for some refreshing infused water or finding the right fun group classes. You’ll be amazed how these small tweaks can have a significant impact.

To keep it playful and down-to-earth, my approach incorporates anecdotes and real-life hacks. Like how I managed to sneak in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) during work breaks by taking the stairs or doing desk exercises. Or the time I realized that blasting music and doing a one-song dance-off every morning actually melted off the stress—and pounds! This might not make me a fitness guru, but it does keep things interesting and effective.

So here we are in 2024, and it's a perfect time to make some smarter choices that fit into our busy lifestyles. Let’s light a fire without any burnouts, making this 7-week journey to the best body not just another forgotten resolution but an enriching experience.

Ready to jump in? Let's get started!

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Revamp Your Food Pantry

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If you look in your pantry and there are junk snacks and food with ingredients you cannot pronounce, pull the trash bag out pronto. Revamp your food pantry with nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains. Now get to your major go to source of food, the refrigerator. Make sure you have plenty of veggies, fruits and lean proteins. Create a healthy eating plan and get on track from Day One. If you are unsure how to create a healthy meal plan, hire a nutritionist to take out the guesswork and help you to get in your best shape yet!


Ditching the processed goodies might seem daunting, but it's a game changer for your health objectives. Start by organizing your staples so that healthier choices are front and center, reducing the temptation of less nutritious foods. Opt for airtight containers to keep your new pantry staples fresh and inviting. Remember, the key to sticking with a nutritional overhaul is to ensure your new options are as convenient and accessible as the old ones. Stock up on spices and herbs too—they're the secret to turning those wholesome ingredients into tasty meals you'll actually look forward to.


Establish a Fitness Routine

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Easier said than done, but establishing a regular fitness routine is integral to achieving your best body. Without a consistent routine, your metabolism would fail to ignite and you would miss out on the killer results you want to achieve. Aim for 5- 6 days a week to see your best results and make your one day off a week focused on yoga or pilates.


Consistency is your best friend when it comes to shaping up. Mix up cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises to keep your body guessing and the pounds dropping. Remember, muscles are calorie-burning machines, so the more you work on building lean muscle, the faster you'll see the scale tip in your favor. If you're just starting out, ease into it and gradually increase intensity. And don't forget, hydration and proper nutrition are key—fuel your workouts with wholesome foods to really amplify those efforts.


See What Works

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Jump on the scale, check out how your clothes are fitting and use this as a gauge to your success. If your body is not seeing changes, then it is time to switch it up. But if you are already seeing and feeling a difference; stick to it and keep with your routine!


Tracking progress is essential, and sometimes the scale doesn't tell the whole story. Pay attention to how you feel—increased energy levels and better sleep are signs of improvement. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, so consider using a tape measure or a body composition scale that calculates muscle mass versus fat. Celebrate non-scale victories too, like completing a full workout without stopping or reaching a new personal best. These milestones underscore the importance of the journey, not just the destination. Keep a journal to reflect on these achievements and maintain motivation.


Switch up Your Workouts

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On the fourth week, integrate more cardio; add two double workouts a week and switch up what you are doing. By choosing to change it up you will avoid hitting a plateau and I promise you will feel so much better because you are in your fourth week. You will probably be amazed at just how strong you are now. So keep going!


Introducing new exercises and upping the intensity can work wonders for your motivation and progress. Consider slipping in a yoga or dance class to enhance flexibility and balance, or adding strength training to sculpt and tone. Mixing things up not only keeps your mind engaged, it also challenges different muscle groups, boosting your overall fitness level. So, don't shy away from trying that kickboxing class or hitting the pool for some laps. Embrace the change and the results will follow. Keep pushing your limits and celebrate every improvement as a victory on your fitness journey.


Invest in a Fitness Tracker

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Fitbits and similar are an incredible wearable device to ensure you are moving enough each and every day. Some days we are more active than others but then when we see the weight reflective of our low activity days, it can be quite frustrating. In week five, your reward to sticking to the program should be a fitness tracker like the fitbit. I love my fitbit because it keeps me active every single day and helps me to have my best body yet. So now make this your focus and keep to your goals!


Make a Commitment

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Thinking about signing up for a local race, joining a gym or even just joining the local running club? Well stop thinking and just do it. It is week six and you have made it strong this far so commit to your health even further. If you keep making new commitments you will be amazed as you look at the incredible results you are earning. Every step you take is one step closer to your goals; so keep on stepping up to the mark!


Evaluate Where You Are and Adjust Your Routine Accordingly

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It is week seven and woo hoo you made it! So evaluate where you are today and adjust your routine accordingly. Maybe you need to add more cardio or bring out the weights. Maybe you need more calories or you are eating too much. Or just maybe you are doing perfect. Wherever you are today, be proud in just how far you have come. And keep up the hard work.


Be Choosy with Your Alcoholic Beverages


You don't have to avoid alcohol, but you do have to be more choosy. Avoid white wine, beer, and other sugary drinks at all costs, which lead to weight gain. Instead, go with a vodka soda or red wine. It's all about compromise.


When indulging in alcoholic treats, remember, moderation is key. Opt for drinks with fewer calories like a light gin and tonic or a glass of champagne, which offer a festive twist without the extra sugar. Additionally, consider diluting your drinks with sparkling water or adding a splash of lemon for zest without adding to your waistline. Always stick to one or two drinks to keep both your calorie intake and your health in check. Celebrating with friends doesn't mean compromising on your fitness goals—enjoy responsibly!


Drink Coffee

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Everyone loves coffee, right?! Coffee is one of the most proven weight loss drugs. Caffeine boosts your metabolism and is considered a super food because of the antioxidants that benefit your brain, mood, weight, and immune system. Skip the sugar and coffee creamer and drink it black. It curbs your appetite and boosts your productivity.


Change Your Lifestyle with a Friend

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Your family or significant other can go on this journey with you. You can hold each other accountable for making health conscious decisions. This isn't just a quick fix--this is your new normal, so having someone there that has similar goals is the recipe for success.

It is amazing how much you can accomplish in just seven short weeks; so keep to it and get in your best shape, starting today!

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