20 Fantastic Yoga Mats for Your Next Session ...


20 Fantastic Yoga Mats for Your Next Session ...
20 Fantastic Yoga Mats for Your Next Session ...

Yoga mats are a must have item when you head to the studio. You can't get an effective session done if you are uncomfortable holding the various poses in your routine. Even if you prefer to do your yoga moves at home, you'll want a mat to help you get it done right. Because you want to hold the pose properly to reduce the risk of injury and to maximize the benefits of the pose, you want a mat to keep you comfy. Here are some fun yoga mats that will make exercise something to look forward to.

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Basic Neutral Colors

Basic Neutral Colors Via Home Gym Designs That Will ...
You can never go wrong choosing yoga mats that are a neutral color. They'll look great anywhere you roll them out.


Lotus and Om

Lotus and Om Via Yoga Mat Bag ~ My ...
Downward dog will never be as enjoyable as it is when you can look at this lovely image the whole time.


Lavender Warrior Yoga Mat

Lavender Warrior Yoga Mat Via FIND YOUR FIT
Catch all your yoga dreams by using this mat for your sessions. Isn't it beautiful? I love the colors!


Mandala Sunset Lotus

Mandala Sunset Lotus Via Double Sided Mandala "Cool Lotus ...
This yoga mat has so much going for it. It's neutral in color, but it also features a fun design that will inspire you to hit all of your poses.


Artistic Expression

Artistic Expression Via The guy who decided that ...
Who says your yoga mat can't be a work of art like this one is? All the colors blend together so well. Would you use this one?


Personalize Your Yoga Mat

Personalize Your Yoga Mat Via DIY Fest: Chakra Chic Yoga ...
You'll never have to worry about mixing up your yoga mat again with this simple project. It also lets you buy a cheaper mat and make it something special for little to no cost.


Fancy Art Deco

Fancy Art Deco Via These Works-Of-Art Yoga Mats Invite ...
Who wouldn't want to do some yoga on this great mat? It has such a fun and colorful Art Deco style that makes it something really special.


Lotus Flower Print

Lotus Flower Print Via Lotus Flower Print
It seems like yoga and lotus flowers just go together. This one is great because it also has a lot of color to inspire you and make you happy.


Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat Via What We're Coveting! The POPSUGAR ...
Go for the ride of a lifetime by practicing yoga on your very own magic carpet. Do you love it?


All Spaced out

All Spaced out Via The guy who decided that ...
This looks like a galaxy that is both soothing and enjoyable. The colors are calming and pattern is just fun to see.


Doodling on Yoga Mats

Doodling on Yoga Mats Via Doodling on yoga mats - ...
Here's another easy and fun way to make your yoga mat your very own. Use fabric paints and create your very own masterpiece.


DIY Painted Yoga Mat

DIY Painted Yoga Mat Via DIY Painted Yoga Mat - ...
Who knew you could do so many great things with a basic run of the mill yoga mat?


Tree of Life

Tree of Life Via Sites-gaiam-Site - Gaiam
It would definitely be easier to hit the yoga mat if it looks as wonderful as this one does.


Pose Inspiration

Via Juxtapoz Magazine - Illustrations by ...
This fun pattern is one that you won't see on anyone else's yoga mat. If it's not inspiring, I don't know what is.


Quilted Yoga Mat Cover

Quilted Yoga Mat Cover Via suchity such
What? A quilted yoga mat? I would love to have one of these. It would be so comfy to use and so easy to wash.


Pick a Bright Color

Via Get Moving! 9 Products That ...
Nothing will perk up your yoga session more than a brightly colored yoga mat like this pink one.


Striped and Colorful

Striped and Colorful Via The guy who decided that ...
Not only are the stripes really stunning, but all that color makes this yoga mat really fun.


All over Pattern

Via Wildlings Yoga Badlands Yoga Mat ...
I love how the pattern on this yoga mat covers the entire things so there's something fun to see, no matter what pose you're in.


Personalized with a Monogram

Personalized with a Monogram Via 2preppygirls.com
Fill your yoga mat with a fancy monogram and you'll love rolling it out all the time. Mixed with the chevron? Just perfect, don't you think?


Fun Pattern

Fun Pattern Via Yoga Mat by Optimistic Elephant.
There's nothing wrong with choosing a yoga mat that features a really fun pattern like this one.

What does your yoga mat look like? Mine is plain purple, but I feel some inspiration to get a new one. Are you feeling the same?

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