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There are certain ways to warm up before you work out that can help you perform better and even lower your risk of an injury. Warm ups are the most important part of your workout that can help you elevate your body temperature, increase blood circulation, better your performance and reduce your risk of an injury. If you usually skip your warm up due to lack of time, think twice, because skipping a warm up can be the difference between you being sidelined due to an injury or not. Look at professional athletes - they warm up for at least an hour before their competitions for good reason and so should you. Here are the ways to warm up before you work out:

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Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best ways to warm up, increase your body temperature, elevate your heart rate and prepare yourself for your workout. And the bonus is that jumping rope is a lot of fun. Something about jumping rope brings you back to double dutch days with your childhood friends. Focus on just 3-5 minutes jumping rope to warm up your body and your joints.


Jumping Jacks

One of the oldest exercises that still works great is the jumping jack. Jumping jacks are often performed in a military boot camp and physical training because they are useful in elevating the heart rate. This is a great exercise to warm up with. Perform jumping jacks for just 2-3 minutes, before you do your workout.



As you prepare for your workout, begin with 2 sets of 18 walking lunges. Alternate legs while you elevate your body temperature and prepare your joints. This simple warm up helps aid in lubricating your joints with synovial fluid so you can exercise strongly, like a well-oiled machine!



Lower your body into a seated position, pause for a moment and raise yourself back up. Repeat for 2 sets of 18 for a great warm up. Awaken your body from lack of mobility and fire those muscles to get working.


High Knees

Begin jogging in place and lift up your knees high, then higher to elevate your heart rate. Feel yourself as you begin to get labored in your breathing and push yourself to get a great warm up. High knees should be performed for 3-5 minutes before your workout. This warm up can be the difference between you jogging in your workout or being able to sprint.


Hamstring Curls

March in place, then bring your leg back in a curl to awaken your hamstrings and stretch out your body. Start out slow and quicken the pace as you begin to warm up. Perform for 3-5 minutes and once you complete this warm up, you can begin your workout.


March in Place

March in place lightly, now quicken the pace and pump your arms as you raise your body temperature and increase your blood circulation. Perform your marches for just 3-5 minutes so that you can move on to a really great workout.

Now that you know a few great warm ups to help you prepare for your exercises, get started and have a great workout! Tell me, do you warm up before your workouts?

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Jumping Jacks are my go-to warm up

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