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Are you searching for ways to start working out again after a long break? Maybe your motivation is low and you are not sure how to get back to the fitness level you were at before? And you feel like you are starting from scratch? Do not stress because with some effort, you can get back into exercise and work on reclaiming better fitness and health. Studies show that muscle has memory, so your body will remember where it once was and you can get back into shape. So let’s get started because there is no time like the present. Here are some excellent ways to start working out again:

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Set up a Fitness Schedule

One of the best ways to start working out again is to set up a fitness schedule. If you set up a scheduled plan you will find it easier to stay on track. Make sure your schedule is balanced with both cardio and resistance training so you can get the most out of your exercising. This simple step is one of the best ways to start working out again because it helps you to stay on track.


Eat Healthier

As you begin exercising, you should focus on making healthier food choices as well as working out. To get the most out of your workouts, you should increase your vegetable and fruit intake while eating portion-controlled meals. You will exercise more effectively and have more energy as a result.


Set a Goal

One of the best ways to get back on track is to set a goal. Whether your goal is losing a specific amount of weight, toning up or even participating in an athletic event, write down your goal. Post your goal in a visible place so you can be reminded of this goal daily, and get ready to work hard towards it while seeing great results.


Share Your Goal

After you've set your fitness goals, share them with your friends and family so you can make yourself more accountable to someone other than yourself, and so you can have support. Sharing your goal can help you achieve more success in your health and fitness targets, and aid in easing you back into exercise.


Reward Yourself

As you achieve results and stick to your fitness and health plan, reward yourself with mini gifts like a massage, a facial, a pedicure or splurge on the sunglasses you've been wanting! If you reward yourself, you'll find your motivation to stay on course.


Close the Kitchen by 7

Close the kitchen in your home at 7 o'clock so you will no longer have meals or snacks after this time. If you go to bed several hours later, you won't find your body bogged down with excess calories. If your kitchen is off limits after 7, you'll find yourself having fewer late-at-night cravings and even sleeping more soundly, since late night snacks could have you restless as your body works to digest them.


Exercise Each Day

Aim to exercise every day, but if there's a day or two you cannot make it due to work or other obligations, make sure you exercise the very next day. Focus on higher intensity exercise, where you push yourself to the next level so that you can achieve amazing results. Since you're just getting back into exercise, begin at a moderate level. Be sure to vary your workouts; some days will be more intense than others, but as long as you make exercise a regular habit, you will see amazing results. Just stick with it and have fun!

Now that you have the basics on how to get back into fitness, what are you waiting for? Get working so you can achieve amazing results!

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Rachel it's the same with me, can't read the rest of a sentence

me either every paragraph is cut off😔

very thankful to read this as I got side tracked because I was sick.. back at it tomorrow 👍💪💪👍

Same here. Getting very frustrated :(

I have made multiple fitness schedules, they're usually monthly and this is actually a very good tip. I found myself working out everyday because I told myself "If you don't do it today, you'll have to do tomorrow's workout and the day before's workout." It was very effective.

i don't like this new version of the app

great advice, despite some of the sentences being cut off.

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