7 Ways to Shred Your Abs for Summer ...

Want to know the ways to shred your abs for summer? Everyone wants amazing abs that are toned and sculpted, but they are unsure how to achieve this. Most believe this is all due to genetics, but as summer draws near and motivation is high, we all want to work for this! Most people think that shredded abs are earned from endless hours in the gym or countless abdominal exercises, but both are far from reality. As a certified trainer, I help people achieve what they have believed to be impossible, especially if they have lacked abdominal definition their whole lives. But it is possible! Let me share with you my secrets on the ways to shred your abs for summer:

1. Clean up Your Eating

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Have you ever heard that lean abs are made in the kitchen and wondered what this meant? You can do countless abdominal exercises, but if you lack discipline in the kitchen, you are not going to achieve shredded abs. Lean abs are attributed primarily to having less body fat. This is why one of the best ways to shred your abs is to eat healthy.

2. Eliminate Processed Food

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Anything packaged in a box should remain on the store shelves rather than in your home. Choose whole foods like lean meats, vegetables and fruit. Eat like a caveman to achieve shredded abs rather than eating for pleasure.

3. Drink 10-12 Glasses of Water Daily

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Water is essential for our digestive processes, organs and bodily functions. Drinking water also helps remove toxins from the body. So drink 8-12 glasses of water to help you achieve the sculpted abs you deserve!

4. Get Your Cardio in

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Sweat out any water retention that can be causing abdominal bloating and watch the results as you look at your stomach. To get shredded, you have to sweat it out and push yourself in your workouts. So go for intervals, sprints and push yourself to achieve shredded abs for summer!

5. Do Not Put Salt in Your Food

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Adding salt to your food causes stomach fullness that can keep you from having shredded abs, so stop adding salt. Add natural spices to your food when cooking and you will find yourself feeling lean and ready to unveil your abs for summer! Do not frequent restaurants often and cook for yourself, because then you can control the ingredients.

6. Eat Mini Meals

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To boost your metabolism and keep it revved all day long, eat mini meals throughout the day. If you choose to eat mini meals that are healthy, you will have a flamin' fast metabolism and this will help you to achieve your shredded abs for summer. I usually eat every 2 hours to stabilize my glucose level and keep my metabolism going strong.

7. Cut out Late Night Snacking

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Although it may be tough to cut out your bag of popcorn or pretzels at night, one look at the results of your abs will make it all well worth it. Cut out the late night snacking so you wake up leaner with the shredded, sculpted abs that you deserve. All sacrifices in life are worthwhile when you achieve great results, like rockin’ abs!

Are you ready to work hard, eat healthy and follow my tips so that you can achieve amazing abs? There is nothing you cannot achieve if you dedicate yourself to it! So go out and just do it!

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