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Want to get shredded abs for summer? If you want to shred that midsection, you have to put in the time exercising and you also have to eat healthier. If you do not do both, you will not achieve your midsection goals. So put down that sandwich, swap it for a salad, get in more cardio and follow along with these great exercises. Are you ready for the abs challenge?

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Jack Knife

The jack knife is a very challenging but effective exercise that can help shred your core. Attempt the first version by bringing both legs up and lifting both arms to meet. If you struggle with this you can also perform the modified versions, which still target the abdominal muscles but require less strength to perform. Follow along to get fit and push yourself to achieve your best midsection for summer!


Tree Climb

Leg climbs are an ultra-effective exercise most often performed in pilates to work your core. In this exercise, act like your leg is a tree and climb up that tree. Perform 18-20 on each leg and feel the burn. This exercise works your upper and lowers abs in a simple and effective form!


Leg Flutters

Target your lower abs and legs by performing leg flutters. Tighten your core, straighten your legs and hold, then flutter. This exercise will help you to not only work your core but you will feel the burn. Just make sure you keep your lower back flat so you do not put strain on that area. Follow along and have fun while getting fit!



If you want to work your core and achieve your best midsection, the plank should become a staple of every workout. Make sure you tighten your abs as you perform this exercise and follow along with the lovely trainer in this video (oh wait, that is me ;-)). Hold for as long as you can with the goal of a minute and get sculpted abs for summer!



If you want to shred your core for summer, perform the bicycle abdominal exercise, which is a staple in my fitness program. As a trainer, I think every exerciser should perform this in their routine. This exercise targets your midsection and side obliques and it will help you get fit and fab for summer!


Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are a very effective abdominal exercise that can help you to get shredded and in shape. Bring your legs up to 90 degrees and tighten your abs. Follow along to this video and push yourself to contract your abs as you come up with your knees meeting the elbows.


Heel Touches

If you find you just have no love for love handles, you are not alone, so stop stressing and conquer that side belly fat with this exercise. Heel touches will target your internal and external oblique area. Add in some crunches for a belly blast! Eat healthy and avoid processed foods and you will get shredded in no time!

With these super exercises, make sure you do one each day or all of them to get in your best abdominal shape. Remember, you get out what you put in, so are you ready to give it all you got?

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Great work, thank you

This was awesome, thank u

This was amazing thanks so much!!!!!!

These are exercises we use in bootcamp....very effective ladies!!

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