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Summer is fast approaching - whoop whoop! So, its time to dust off the cobwebs from your running trainers, dig out your swimming costume and turn off Netflix. Because if you want to have a sizzling sexy summer body that is bikini ready for the beach, then I’m afraid girlfriend its time to get exercising. If the thought of hitting the gym gives you heart palpitations then fear not, as even a few simple lifestyle switches can help you transform from a coach potato to a sexy senorita.

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Switch off Your TV

Yes, it’s really that simple. Just by turning off your TV you will be well on your way to that sexy summer body that you’ve always dreamed off. Yeah right, I hear you say… but the truth is all the time you spend staring at your TV or laptop is time spent not moving your body. And according to the Internet you are more likely to eat snack food whilst staring at the screen too. So switch of the TV and whilst your pottering around trying to figure out what your going to do with your new free time, know that with each step you are burning more calories that sitting still on the sofa.


Ditch You Car Key

Similar to step one, this is a fairly simple life swap. Stop driving everywhere and look for alternative modes of transport. Whether you walk, cycle, catch a lift with a friend of hop on the bus you will be a lot more physically active if you choose alternative modes of transport to get around. People often do a short burst of exercise and then go back to being sedentary. Instead make choices that keep you active for life.


Put on Your Running Trainers

So the next big lifestyle change is to start running. Yes, the rumours are true running does in fact burn body fat. So dig out your trainers, put them on and step outside. Just go at your own pace and get into a weekly routine so that running becomes a habit rather than a chore. Remember that it does not matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone else sitting on the couch.


Sign up to Something Crazy

With your TV turned off and your new basic fitness levels from your running, you should be starting to get some body confidence and see new sexy curves on your body. Now turn up the heat and dive into a new fitness craze. I’m talking about something outrageous like stand-up paddle boarding, Bikram yoga, pole dancing, tennis lessons or fitness boot camp. Classes are fun, you can make new fitness friends and most importantly they will work muscles you forgot you had.



Move out of the safe zone and do something you’ve never done before like enter a 10k run or an outdoor swimming contest. Setting a goal right before summer will give you a focal point to work towards and ensure that you don’t let your routine go. Everyone gets nervous about entering a competitive event, because secretly we all want to do our best. So set a goal and compete with everyone else that’s on track to get a sexy summer body.


Get Lean

So now that you are physically fit you should be naturally drawn to healthier foods that give you more energy. Make sure you are eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and stretching. There are some great YouTube tutorials that can give you fantastic yoga routines for a limber and lean physique. Drink wholesome green smoothies packed with vitamins and energy.


The Final Touches

Your body is a temple and the new mix of exercise and healthy eating will give you a glow that everyone will envy when you hit the beach. All you need now are a few feminine touches - a body scrub, waxing, a dash of paint on your toes and moisturiser from head to toe. Complete the look with a brand new bikini that shows of your new deadly curves and inner confidence.

There are four key elements to a sexy summer body, you need willpower to turn off your TV and start new healthy habits. You need bravery to try new fitness trends and commitment to ensure you keep with your weekly running regime. But most of you all you need self-belief and confidence to know that you are beautiful and blessed to have an amazing body. Your body is a tool and enables you do so much; so shake around and use it, and if you get a sexy summer body at the same time than so much the better. What is your favourite summer work out?

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Thanks for this. I'm a very busy person and this article made getting fit a much simpler proposition.

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