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Want to know the ways to shape up in 7 minutes? If you are on limited time, like the rest of us, fitting in a 45 minute workout may not be so easy. And with this lack of time, you may find yourself exercising less frequently than you would like to. Don’t blow off another workout because of your time limits. Squeeze in a short session in just 7 minutes. Something is better than nothing, so get moving. Sounds like a plan? Perfect, then read about the ways to shape up in a short time:

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Short Sessions

Lack of time for a traditional sweat burning session for 45 minutes? Not a problem, find the time to do several short 7 minute cardio sessions to burn calories and feel great! This is one of the best ways to shape up in a short amount of time. If breaking up your workouts in the only way to get it in, go for it!


Calorie Torcher

Jump rope for 7 minutes. This is a great cardio workout and a high calorie torcher. Jumping rope burns even more calories per minute than running, so get jumping! You can switch up your speed to intensify the workout. Make the most of every fitness minute, especially if you only have 7!


Mile Run

Okay this may be a bit quick but set your sights on running a mile in 7 minutes. In a mile, you will burn 100 calories and secrete endorphins, the happy chemicals, in your brain. So lace up your kicks and get running! And if you cannot get a full mile in 7 minutes, have no worry, do what you can. With time you will get quicker.


High Intensity

Perform 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats 10 pushups, 10 mountain climbers, and repeat 5 times and then finish with a 1 minute sprint in place for a high intensity mini workout. This is tough but completely achievable in 7 minutes, so pick up those legs and get going! You get out what you put in so give it all you go for super results!


Switcher Upper

Every 30 seconds switch up your exercise to target different muscle groups and get a great workout in. This way you can get 14 exercises in just 7 minutes. Smash grapes, do squats, then jumping jacks, now high knees, then jump squats, then v squats, then butt kicks; and now repeat this series just once. There you have the switcher upper workout to diversify your mini sweat session and leave you feeling great!


Fab Abs

Perform crunches, side obliques and the plank to target your abs. If your abs are a trouble zone, add some plyometrics to feel the burn and do jump squats and high knees. Just make sure to tighten your abs and engage those muscles you are working to make the most out of your fab ab workout.


Cardio and Resistance

Run in place one minute, then use 5-8 lb dumbbells and perform overhead shoulders, bicep curls, and tricep kickbacks. Now go for 1 minute of jumping jacks, and repeat weighted exercises. Run again for one minute, and go at the resistance. For the final minute, stretch out your muscles. You have just completed 7 minutes of a cardio and resistance combo workout!

I's amazing how much exercise you can do in just 7 minutes, so get moving! Just make sure to use every fitness minute wisely and work hard. Remember that you get out what you put in. So are you ready to give it all you've got for 7 minutes?

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Great advice for those who are strapped for time! Thanks

I'm a personal trainer and I think your tips are great for people with very limited time!

dont di crunches! they are apparently vey bad for your back!

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