7 Fitness Tips from Women Ages 9 to 99 ...

By Tara

Would you like some great fitness tips from women of a broad range of ages that can help inspire you? Women from ages 9 to 99 are finding their best way to get in shape and often even surprise themselves in the process. How do your fitness goals and challenges differ throughout the course of life? They vastly change, but with these years comes a greater focus on good health. Fitness tips from women change tremendously over the years, so keep reading to find out how:

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1 9 Year Old Young Woman

Daughter Ava enjoys running because it is fun, like playing a game of tag. She also loves to run fast and chase her sister. Working out is also playing at the jungle gym or chasing her brother down the slide. And she loves when she get a frozen ice to cool off at the end of her play. This is one of the best fitness tips from women because child's play at any age is a workout.

2 76 Year Old Fitness Guru

Actress and fitness guru Jane Fonda is a legend in the fitness world, changing many lives through her videos of inspiration. Her advice is to not over-think your workouts and just do it. She says even on days when she is lacking the energy to exercise, she thinks about how great she will feel after and this is all the motivation she needs. Need more motivation? Look at her body at age 76, amazing!

3 41 Year Old Bombshell

Actress and former model Cameron Diaz has done more than just light up Hollywood, she has taken her workouts with purpose and her body is proof. A former string bean, lacking definition, she has transformed her body, one workout at a time. She advises others to exercise in the morning so you get your workout out of the way and have no excuse for not working out. So rise early and get moving!

4 34 Year Mom of Three

As a mom of 3, health writer and Bootcamp business owner, I have had many days where getting in my workouts can be a challenge. On days when time is scarce, I do what I can and even a twenty minute workout session can go a long way if it is done the right way. Make the most out of every fitness moment by managing your time effectively.

5 32 Year Old Beauty

Actress and wife of Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel is one disciplined beauty. She eats clean 6 out of 7 days and on the 7th day she allows herself one cheat meal. The evidence lies in her perfectly sculpted, toned body and she earned every inch of it. Try to eat healthier and you can achieve these amazing results too!

6 24 Year Singing Goddess

Singer Taylor Swift is one strong and beautiful dynamo, with long lean legs and a rocking body to prove it. She does one hour of cardio everyday no matter where her travels take her. She attributes her long lean legs to following this cardio regime. Make sure you get in fat burning mode for an hour of cardio daily too, so that you can lean down your legs!

7 91 Year Old Marathoner

What do you imagine yourself to be like at age 91? How about running a marathon? Well, that is just what Harriette Thompson did. In the process, she broke the US record for the fastest marathon run in the 90 to 94 bracket several months ago at the San Diego Marathon. To run 26.2 miles at any age is an accomplishment but at 91 it is incredible! And she broke US records. Her advice is to live a full life doing what you love and to keep yourself busy. And that she has done - she's been busy training, that is, for a 26.2 mile run!

With the various ages of the women, this shows you can do anything at any age or point in your life, if you are ready. Are you ready to be all that you can be starting today?

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