7 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core for Better Posture ...


Want to know the exercises to strengthen your core so that you can achieve the abs of your dreams? Both men and women strive for the perfect core but only few are able to fully achieve this. Many people chalk this up to genetics when there are other contributors. It is important to focus on clean eating, core exercises and cardio. And a strong core is not just about looking great but also having the abdominal strength necessary to perform at your optimal fitness level and have strong posture and stand taller. So are you ready to get started to achieving amazing core strength? Then check out these great exercises to strengthen your core and better your posture:

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To work your abs, back, hips and total core circumference, integrate the plank exercise into your daily training. This exercise can help alleviate lower back pain because it will strengthen you. Begin with just 20 seconds and build up to longer. I aim for 4-6 minutes a day because this is just enough but not too much! And this is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core!



I love this explosive exercise because it works the total body, primarily the core. This is an ultra-intense exercise that I integrate at least 3 days a week into my training because it provides amazing results. I recommend to perform this exercise for 1 set of 10 and work your way up to 4 sets for amazing fitness results!


Reverse Crunches

This exercise is great because it targets the lower abdominal region, an area that is not used unless we work it. Unlike the upper abs that are used in lifting, lower abs need to be targeted or the muscles are not as tight. I recommend beginning with just 12 and working your way up to 30!


Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is a great core exercise as well as working the total body. I love this exercise because as a trainer this is great for all levels. The faster you perform mountain climbers, the quicker you will bring up your heart rate and burn more calories!



Bicycles are one of the timeless abdominal exercises that can help you to strengthen your core. Just make sure you slow down and focus on form. I recommend performing 1 set of 20 and building up to 3 sets as you increase your abdominal strength!


Plank on Med Ball

This must-try exercise challenges your core stabilization, bringing the plank to the next level. Just make sure to engage your abs by tightening them when performing this exercise. Begin with 20 seconds and work your way up to 2 minutes.


Plyos and Pushup Circuit

To work your core, perform a circuit training of jumping jacks, pushups, plyometrics (like jumping Janie). All these exercises will target your core while elevating your heart rate. This will help you to get in fat burning mode and you will feel great as a result! Aim for 20 minutes of this circuit for a great workout.

So are you ready to forget genetics or every excuse you ever made and earn the core you deserve! You deserve to achieve greatness, so make your life great! Are you ready for the challenge? Then start working your core so that you can stand taller and feel better!

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