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Fit Girl's Guide to the Most Metabolism Boosting Workout ...

By Tara

Some people turn to leg lifts, running, burpees, or even weighted exercises to feel the burn and rev their metabolic rate, but what is the right way to get it done? Well, first off, look at what the people in the best shape are doing. If you notice the majority of your friends who lift super heavy weights are bulking up and this is not what you want to achieve, you may want to steer clear of this. If you find that your lean friends are all lifting light and ramping up their cardio, you may want to try this. The good news is that there are proven exercises that will help you to feel the burn and boost your metabolism. So stop wishing and start doing what it takes to achieve this and begin with these exercises that every successful trainer lives by:

1 Jumping Rope

Did you know that per minute, jumping rope actually burns the highest amount of calories? And the quicker you jump rope, the more calories you will burn! So speed up your jumping rope routine, follow along to this video and as you get stronger, jump longer!

2 Star Burst Exercises

If you want to boost your metabolism and build long, lean muscle, plyometric exercises just may be “go to” movements. Plyos will work your total body and also help boost your metabolism. Pro athletes use these exercises to help them get cut up, recruit fast twitch muscle fiber and really feel the burn. With a few sets of plyos, you will feel the burn for days!

3 Lunges

Lunges are effective in working your larger muscle groups and boosting your metabolic rate. Working your larger muscle groups will boost your metabolism and help your body becoming a fat burning machine. As you lower your body down to 90 degrees, you will feel the burn in your quadriceps. So get that burn with this body weight, metabolic boosting exercise!

4 Pushups

To strengthen your upper body and target your pectoral muscles so you feel the burn, perform pushups. There are many pushup variations to target different muscle groups, like diamond pushups for your triceps, military pushups for your shoulders and even pushup side plank to work your obliques. Feel the burn as you get in your best shape.

5 High Intensity Workout

High intensity workouts are the big craze in the workout world for good reason: they help you to lean down, boost your metabolism and get in super shape. So follow along with this intense Fitness Blender workout to help you feel the burn and achieve your fitness goals.

6 Burpees

Burpees are one of the best total body exercises to help you to feel the burn both during and after your workouts. This exercise is actually 3 movements in one consisting of a pushup, squat and vertical jump. Focus on form as you perform this effective exercise. Aim for 3 sets of 18 to boost your metabolism and get in sensational shape.

7 Sprinting

Short, fast bursts of running will leave you out of breath, heart rate surged and one step closer to your goal. This is sprinting, which will help you to feel the burn in your legs and feel your lungs as you breathe deeply in and exhale. The more you do this in short spurts, the more in shape you will become and you will just feel better!

Now that you have so many great workouts to help you to feel the burn and boost your metabolism, are you ready to get in your best shape? Get up and let’s get to it!

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