7 Kickass Home Barre Workouts for a Killer Bod ...


7 Kickass Home Barre Workouts for a Killer Bod ...
7 Kickass Home Barre Workouts for a Killer Bod ...

Barre workouts are amazing because they give you a ballerina style workout targeting the supportive muscle groups of the body. These are the accessory muscle groups that when targeted will you keep you lean, strong and ballet beautiful. If you are looking for a hot, toned body, check out these kickass home barre workouts that will be sure to challenge you and help you achieve amazing results. Ready to get in barre beautiful shape? Then get started now!

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Work That Backside

Small focused moves in this video will help you to work your glutes, hamstrings and legs. The key is to engage your glutes and focus on proper form to get the most out of this barre workout. This routine will help you to sculpt, tone and even boost your metabolism!


Work Your Upper Body

If you want to see beautiful definition in the accessory muscle groups of your upper body, it is not about lifting heavy - focus on high repetitions. Engage the muscles and feel the burn. I promise the next day you will feel the burn!


Beautify Your Midsection

If you want to see definition in your core, the key is to perform effective exercises like in this video and also to make healthy food choices. If you are what you eat, you better eat healthy foods that nourish your body and help you to see definition in your midsection!


Legs on the Mat

Work your legs with isometric exercises with Tracy! In this video you can target your buns and entire lower half so you boost your metabolism and focus on muscle tone. Just follow along and make sure you keep your abs engaged as you work your lower half!


Legs and Booty Shaper

In less than 15 minutes you can achieve an amazing workout that will kick your booty, just follow along and give it all you got. This routine will focus on your lower body and can be as challenging as you allow it to be. If you feel stronger, add repetitions and even weights to the muscle you are targeting. And feel the burn, baby burn!


Target Inner Thighs

If you want to get a great barre workout without the bar, simply use a chair to hold onto for stability. Follow along with this great workout and pay attention to engaging the muscles you are working and really focusing on form. You get out what you put in so give it all you got!


Five of the Best Moves to Work Your Barre Beautiful Body

Have fun with these ultra- effective barre beautiful body workouts. If you want a long lean dance body, perform these top five exercises on a regular basis. Just 2-3 days per week of these moves can help transform you!

So if you want your hottest body yet and to look like a dancer, make sure you perform those barre videos. Work hard and have a blast!

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