7 Top Fitness Moves Models Don't Tell Us ...

Even if you will not be strutting on the runway or posing for a cover shot anytime soon, certain moves will help you to achieve a toned, lean body like fashion models. Eating healthy is of course important but without exercise, a model would not have a toned, tight body ready for the next photo shoot. Nothing complements a photo like a toned, tight and beautiful body. So follow along with the trainers in these videos to help you learn the fitness moves that models don’t tell us!

1. Squat

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How in the world does that thin model have such an amazing butt? Don’t think that is all just good genetics. If you want it, you just have to work for it. So drop it low and follow this squat challenge video of 10 sets of 10 squats, all in different variations. In a matter of weeks you will be glad you put in the time when you see the incredible results that you earned!

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