7 Low Impact but Effective Workouts for Girls Recovering FFom an Injury ...


7 Low Impact but Effective Workouts for Girls Recovering FFom an Injury ...
7 Low Impact but Effective Workouts for Girls Recovering FFom an Injury ...

If you love fitness like me, you probably have experienced some injury along the way in your fitness journey. Stress fractures, knee injuries, abdominal pulls and back trauma are just a few of the most common injuries that can sideline you from your passion. But you need not worry - with the right rehab and injury prevention workouts, before long you can be back in action. Since weak muscle groups can set you up for an injury down the road, it is important to focus on strengthening exercises. So to begin, let me help you get started with these super rehab and injury prevention workouts:

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Groin Rehab

If you hurt your groin while you were running, dancing, doing a cartwheel or in any other way, follow this video to help rehab your injury. Groin injuries can be very painful but with the right rehab, you can be back and ready to play in a matter of weeks. So follow these rehab strengthening exercises and listen to your body.


Shoulder Rehab

Many pitchers, weight lifters and other athletes tend to dislocate their shoulder. With the right rehab and prevention exercises, you can help ward off a future injury. It is important to be cautious and aware so you prevent becoming sidelined due to an injury down the road. So follow these exercises and work your shoulders to a stronger future.


Knee Rehab

Follow this great yoga video to help you to strengthen your knees and protect them from future injury. The key to prevention is to strengthen your joints and also to listen to your body. Since genetics do play a large role in knee injuries, it is important to be more cautious if you find this is an injury common to your family members. Follow along with this video and work your body to betterment!


Back Rehab

Target your lower back, increase your flexibility and manipulate your body so you prevent a lower back injury down the road with this yoga workout. Since back injuries are very common, it is important to focus on the strengthening, stretching and flexibility exercises to help prevent this. So follow along as you get fit!


Abdominal Prevention Workout

Abdominal strain is super painful and can take several weeks to recover from (sometimes even longer); so put in the time strengthening so you can prevent this. Follow along as I guide you with some lunges (tighten your core as you drop your leg down) and then the plank. Since the plank works your total core, this can help prevent an injury and give you the tight core you always dreamed of having!


Ankle Strengthening Workout

If you are a runner, gymnast, or play any other support that puts stress on your ankles, ankle injury prevention may be your goal. One thing you can do to help you to avoid an ankle injury is bettering your balance. To begin, check out this video and follow along. Every bit of strength will help you to stay on top of your game, pain-free.


ACL Injury Prevention

Since ACL injuries are common amongst athletes, it is important to take the time to perform exercises that can help you to prevent this. Lateral exercises and agility work can help you to stay injury free and on top of your game. Follow along to the exercises in this video to help you perform like a champ and stay injury free!

With all these great injury prevention workouts, what will you start with first? Make sure you follow along as you get fit!

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