Life-Changing Fitness Accessories to Help You Work out Harder ...


Life-Changing Fitness Accessories  to Help You Work out Harder ...
Life-Changing Fitness Accessories  to Help You Work out Harder ...

If you’re a girl who loves fashion and working out, you’re definitely not a rare breed. However, those two interests don’t go together very well. Being a girl that loves both fashion and fitness can be tough, because despite so many women who love both, there aren’t a ton of options for fashion accessories out there. If you’ve been on a hunt for fitness accessories that are just as fashionable as they are functional, your wait is over. This list is sure to keep you stylish while you’re sweating away the pounds at the gym this summer!

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Fashion Fit by Anne Klein

fashion accessory, jewellery, hand, finger, sunglasses, If you’re a girl who loves both fashion and fitness and don’t really want to sacrifice that by wearing the typical FitBit, Fashion Fit by Anne Klein is perfect for you. It looks like a typical statement bracelet you’d wear with any outfit, but it’s actually doing everything that a FitBit does! It’s the perfect answer for so many fashionable girls out there!


Tory Burch for FitBit

pink, finger, hand, jewellery, lip, If you just can’t imagine straying from the original FitBit franchise, never fear! FitBit recently came out with a line with Tory Burch that’s so fashionable you’ll want to wear with all of your outfits. I mean, it’s Tory Burch, so can you really go wrong with it?


Anything by Lulu Lemon

clothing, model, beauty, swimwear, photo shoot, In my personal opinion, Lulu Lemon completely changed the fitness game. Before Lulu Lemon, fashion and fitness did not go together. I think that Lulu Lemon is so cute that it’s inspired a lot of women to start working out, simply because they can be as fashionable while they’re exercising as they are in their everyday lives!


Misfit Shine Sport Necklace

clothing, glasses, Are bracelets not really your thing? I’m with you on that one; it’s hard for me to have something in the way and on my wrist 24/7. This sports necklace is the answer to your problem! It’s big and chunky like the best statement necklaces are, but it also keeps track of all of your most important fitness information, just like a FitBit does!


A Stylish Sports Bra

clothing, blond, undergarment, underpants, active undergarment, What is it about a sports bra that can make or break a fitness look? If you’re looking to get extra-fashionable at your next workout, wear a sports bra with an intricate design on the back. The look will instantly be revitalized, and it’s such a simple switch!


Colorful Sneakers

red, color, white, footwear, shoe, What is it about colorful sneakers that can inspire you to get a workout in? I’m convinced that the cutest sneakers have magical powers or something, because they make workouts that much more fun!


Find Your Perfect Gym Bag

clothing, bag, chair, diaper bag, furniture, Gym bags are one of the most obvious fitness accessories, and yet they are so often ignored when it comes to style. Gym bags really come down to preference and the types of workouts you do. There are certain features that you may need depending on your workout, but there are also different personal styles, such as bright colors or monograms, that really depend on what you love to wear in your day-to-day life!

What’s your favorite fashionable fitness accessory? Do you ever find yourself having issues finding cute fitness accessories? Let me know about your fashionable fitness woes in the comments!

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You know this stuff is kinda expensive

The uglier you are working out the better you look afterwards...

@Elisa well it said fabulous accessories, not cheap ones 😂



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