7 Plank Variations to Sculpt and Strengthen Your Core ...


If you want to sculpt and strengthen your core, you need to work your body with different exercises that target the muscles of the core. Targeted exercises will help you chisel your core as long as you combine this with healthy eating and eliminate or reduce processed foods. Whole foods and plank exercises are the perfect recipe to help you get in super shape, so begin with one of these exercises today:

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Regular Plank

You may have heard the importance of the plank exercise hundreds of times and wondered what this was. Follow along as I show you the proper form to perform the plank. Just make sure you start out slow and build up the strength to go longer. This will help you to avoid an abdominal strain. And have fun because getting in shape rocks!


Side Plank

There are several ways to perform the side plank to sculpt and strengthen your core. Follow along with the different challenging variations in this video. Make a goal of 30 seconds and work your way up to one minute. Tighten your abs to make the most out of this effective exercise.


Up up down down on the Bosu

If you have seen the half cylinder ball loved by trainers at your gym and wondered what this was, this is the Bosu ball. This genius fitness tool can help target your core. So isolate your abs and total core by performing an up, up, down, down motion on the Bosu. This will help increase the intensity of your traditional plank so you get in super shape!


Plank High Knee

Raise your hips off the ground and bring your right knee to your chest. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side. As you bring your leg in, tighten your core so you feel the burn. And switch sides to work your total midsection into perfection!


Plank Leg Lift

Get into side plank position and lift your leg toward the ceiling. Lift from your heel so you are not only working the top of your leg but the bottom of your leg as well. Tighten your core and feel the burn in your legs and abs. Perform 3 sets of 10 on each side to sculpt and strengthen both your legs and core!


Bird Dog Plank

To bump your traditional plank exercise up a notch and to work your core even more, try the bird dog plank. To perform this exercise, lift your arm up straight in front and lift your opposite leg. You will feel this exercise working your pelvic floor and rectus abdominus. Strengthen, tighten and feel the burn as you get stronger!


Pilates Plank

Now put your core to the test and attempt this plank-a-thon with Casey. In this video, you will perform different variations of the plank and push your body to a whole new level. So tighten your core to build the powerhouse midsection you have always dreamed of. Strengthen and shape your core to reshape your body!

So with all these ab exercises, which strengthening exercises will you start with first? Whatever you do, remember to push yourself to the next level. You deserve to become hardcore and achieve your fitness goals!

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Side planks and planks where you touchdown your hips and bring them back to start are my nemesis.

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