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Let's Get Started with These 22 Pieces of Workout Gear Fit for Beginners 

By Jennifer

If you're just starting on your fitness journey, let me be the first to say hooray! It's not an easy thing to do, but once you've made fitness a habit, your entire life will change for the better. To make the start of your new fit & fab life a little easier, I've got some workout gear suggestions for you. You won't need all of it, of course, but some of it may just inspire you to run faster, jump higher, do one more squat, and burn a couple of extra calories.

1 Funny Top

Funny TopThis is me.

2 The Right Bright Shoes

The Right Bright ShoesGet fitted for the right pair of shoes for your body and sport.

3 Motivational Top

Motivational TopYes!

4 Sunnies for Outdoor Fitness Activities

Sunnies for Outdoor Fitness ActivitiesProtect your peepers without sweating all over your pricey aviators.

5 Fleece for Colder Temps

Fleece for Colder TempsThe key to cold-weather workouts: layering.

6 Cute Cooler-weather Top

Cute Cooler-weather TopYou can work out in cooler temps but still look cute, right?

7 Running Bra/Top

Running Bra/TopGotta keep the girls secure!

8 The Right Socks

The Right SocksTrust me, the right socks can mean the difference between a complete pretty pedi and the agony of missing toenails. #beenthere

9 Comfy Shorts

Comfy ShortsYes, chafing is a thing, so make sure your shorts fit properly.

10 Handana

HandanaThis ultra-absorbent sweatband fits on your hand, and makes keeping sweat out of your eyes a snap.

11 Headbands

HeadbandsTo keep your hair off your face and neck.

12 IPhone Armband

IPhone ArmbandTry on a few before you buy one - these, too, can chafe.

13 Running Belt

Running BeltIt's hard to run while you're carrying your keys, phone, and ID, so I'd suggest one of these.

14 Yoga Mat

Yoga MatBasically to keep you from sweating all over the floor.

15 Strobe Light

Strobe Light... to keep you safe during night-time runs.

16 Hand-Held Water Bottle

Hand-Held Water BottleNot all fitness events will have water available, so stay hydrated and happy with one of these!

17 IPod Shuffle

IPod ShuffleIt's old-school but so light-weight and easy to carry - just clip it on and your workout playlist is ready to go!

18 Map My Run App

Map My Run AppI love this app, especially the highly addictive Challenges. OMG. Try it. Try it now!

19 Jawbone up Fitness Tracker

Jawbone up Fitness TrackerIf you don't like this one, try FitBit or Garmin. They'll help you keep track of everything fitness-related.

20 Gu Gel

Gu GelThese come in all kinds of flavors, but the only one I like is Chocolate Outrage, because it tastes like chocolate pudding. Yum!

21 Nuun

NuunDrop one of these tablets into your water bottle to replenish your electrolytes.

22 Mamma Chia Squeeze

Mamma Chia SqueezeWant a protein boost without the bad fats? These handy (and tasty) pouches will do the trick.

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