7 Online Workouts to Stream for Those Who Just Can't Make It to the Gym ...


7 Online Workouts to Stream for Those Who Just Can't Make It to the Gym ...
7 Online Workouts to Stream for Those Who Just Can't Make It to the Gym ...

There are dozens of reasons why you'd choose to stay home from the gym. Maybe you hate being stared at by the other members or maybe you hate driving all the way down to the location. It doesn't matter what your reason is for skipping the gym, because you can still exercise inside of your own home. Here are a few online workouts that will give you the best results possible:

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Be Fit

Be Fit will probably be your favorite place to go for online workouts, because the videos are completely free. All of them are on YouTube, so you can watch them as easily as you can watch your favorite Tyler Oakley videos. The channel contains workouts that will target every area of your body, so make sure you subscribe to them. Just search for "Be Fit" on Youtube.


Yoga Glo

Yogaglo.com contains classes by yoga teachers that can last between 5 minutes and 120 minutes long. This site costs $18 a month, which is about the same price as any actual yoga class, but your first 15 days are free. That means you can give it a test run to see if you're comfortable with the site before you make a commitment to it.


Daily Burn

Dailyburn.com has a program that will let Bob Harper, from The Biggest Loser, help you get intense results. The site costs money to use, but there is a free trial that is available to anyone. All you have to do is type in your gender, age, current weight, and ideal weight and then let the site come up with the best workout plan for you and your body.


Fitness Glo

Fitnessglo.com lets you do a variety of things. It has cardio classes, dance classes, pilate classes, and yoga classes. It even lets you sort the workout videos by what level you're on or by the duration of the workout you want. Plus, there are eight different teachers, all of which have something valuable to teach you about your body.



If you're only interested in pilates, then you should think about signing up for pilatesology.com. You can choose between paying $19 a month or $150 a year. It sounds like a lot, but you're really only paying ten dollars more for a workout class than you're paying for Netflix every month. Isn't the price worth a healthy body?


Gaiam TV

Gaiamtv.com has workouts that you can stream and original interviews that you can watch. Of course, it also has plenty of information on yoga, health and wellness, and even spiritual growth. If you want to become a better person physically and mentally, then this is the site for you. It's only 99 cents for your first month, and then $7.95 a month after that. Now, that's even cheaper than Netflix!



Wello.com is much more personal than the other sites on this list. It actually allows you to connect with a live trainer during a one-on-one video chat. So if you have any questions about what you're doing wrong and how you can get faster results, you can ask a trainer face-to-face.

If you don't have the time to drive to the gym or the confidence to workout around others, then these websites can help you get fit your own way. Have you ever used an online workout website?

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Fitness blender is the best of all. They are actually very realisitc and their workout makes you sweating buckets in no time! I love them!!

Try blogilates!! You dont need any equipment

Tone it up

Don't forget XHITDaily on youtube or Rebeca-Louise! I saw results just after a week of doing their VS Angel workouts :)

Another amazing workout channel on youtube is Blogilates! I love this girl so much, check it out! ;)

Fitness blender, love sweat and fitness, blogilates are all great💪🏻

Hi:) every day JITSU this Life motivation :)

Xhit is the best, been doing it everyday for 3 weeks and the results are amazing

Blogilates, XHIT, Darabee, Sarah fit, tone it up, niketraining, Tiffany rothe.

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