21 Incredible Yoga Poses to Take You to the Next Level ...


21 Incredible Yoga Poses to Take You to the Next Level ...
21 Incredible Yoga Poses to Take You to the Next Level ...

It takes concentration and focus to achieve perfect yoga poses – even some that are considered suitable for beginners. And then some yogis manage to twist and bend into the most incredible shapes. Want to see what you could achieve after much practice and desiccation? Are you ready to turn yourself into a human pretzel?

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Lotus Handstand

Lotus Handstand If you can't get into the lotus position without using your hands yet, you'll not be able to achieve this pose.


Flying Crow

Flying Crow It takes great flexibility and incredible strength to be able to bring your foot to rest on your tricep in this position.



Dropback If you can achieve a full wheel, the next challenge is to drop into it from a standing position.


King Pigeon Pose

King Pigeon Pose This will put your "bendyness" to the test.


Side Plank Pose

Side Plank Pose The plank is one of the staples of any fitness routine and here is how to make it super challenging.


Iron Cross Headstand

Iron Cross Headstand The iron cross headstand is an inversion that needs a strong focus.


Flying Pigeon

Flying Pigeon This pose strengthens the abdominal muscles and arms. You'll really feel it stretch those hamstrings.


Firefly B

Firefly B In this variation of the arm balance firefly, you fold so far in half that your head ends up behind your legs.



Hummingbird Use your upper body strength to balance on your arms and open up your hips.



Peacock To achieve the position of a posing peacock, you'll have to concentrate your weight in your wrists.


Peacock Variation

Peacock Variation As if the peacock isn't difficult enough – this variation is super scary. Could you get your legs into that position without using your hands?


One-Legged Staff

One-Legged Staff A killer combination of headstand and back bend.


Handstand Scorpion

Handstand Scorpion Adding an intense back bend really tests your prowess at the handstand.


Locust Scorpion

Locust Scorpion This pose will test your spinal flexibility to the max.


Lifted Thunderbolt

Lifted Thunderbolt You'll need to reach for the sky to get the most from this stretch – that is, if you can actually get in this pose in the first place.


Dancer Split

Dancer Split This adds extra stretch to the usual dancer pose – especially on the hamstrings. From the standard dancer pose, straighten your lifted leg into a split position.



Frog Your quads will want to croak when you put them through this pose.


Lotus Headstand

Lotus Headstand Another pose where you need to be able to get into the lotus position without using your hands.


Big Toe Bow

Big Toe Bow Take the bow pose to the next level by holding your feet in the arched back position. This will seriously flex your spine.


Pinching Shoulders Headstand

Pinching Shoulders Headstand Are you ready to balance on your elbows and head?


Eight Crooked Limbs

Eight Crooked Limbs There's an extreme twist to this arm balance pose.

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Typo class

Not being funny but why on earth does anyone want o contort themselves into these positions ? Can someone explain please ?

@Beryl Stokes because once you start yoga and you body becomes supple you can't help but challenge your body and also it feels so strong that you don't care how much it contorts and I love doing the bows very good for conditioning the spine. It makes you feel strong maybe you should join a clan one of these days beryl you could be pleasantly surprised!

Love it, I'm so inspired!

Superb I love it ♥

I cannot do a handstand but seeing these women rock this particular with such grace inspires me to try

Talk about challenging! These are gymnast worthy moves!

particular pose

@Wendy: ditto, but if you can balance on your hands you can kick your feet up against a wall to start-that's what I do. I can only do one easily in the water!

I'm just learning the big toe bow. Haven't been able to reach my feet as yet. Lol. This article is an inspiration for me to continue yoga.

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