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Did you know there are certain rules on weight training for women that you should follow? Weight training is a confusing topic when it comes to women because there are so many questions and a lot of misinformation around the topic. So what are the ins and outs, and are there rules to follow when it comes to women lifting weights? Absolutely, and as your certified trainer I am here to help you with 7 rules on weight training for women:

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Women Should Not Lift Heavy Weights

If you are a woman that likes to lift heavy weights, do not fear, you will not build bulk unless you are taking hormones to supplement. Think about how often you lift weights throughout the day, even when you carry groceries, your pet, a child; all of this is more than the 3 pounds most trainers advise you to lift. This is one of the top rules on weight training for women.


Do Not do Weighted Ab Machines

Hey ladies, are you dying for the abs of your dreams? Stop using the weighted ab machine because it is just a waste of time and will not help you achieve your goals of a flat, lean stomach. The weighted abdominal machine will strengthen and build your abdominal muscles but it will not lean you down. To achieve the lean, tight abs you desire, you need to focus on making better food choices and increasing your cardio workouts.


To Lose Weight, Make Sure You Strength Train

Ladies, strength training helps you to build muscles that are metabolically active, meaning you will burn more calories while at rest. Lifting weights will help you to lose weight and burn more fat, so get lifting so that you can achieve your goals.


Focus on Form

Proper form can make a big difference in the results you achieve from weight lifting and also help you to avoid an injury. If you perform a weighted squat improperly and only go down partially, you will not work your hamstrings and glutes as much and you risk getting injured. So focus on proper form when pumping iron.


Focus on Being Strong

Just because you are a woman, that does not mean you cannot be strong. If you make it your goal to get stronger, your results in the way your body changes will just be the aftermath. Just imagine being so strong that you could lift up the furniture you are moving easily. Or imagine doing 100 pushups and it feeling almost effortless. Strength rocks in a lot of ways, so get working so that you can achieve this.


Create a 6-8 Week Plan

When strength training, one of the best ways to begin is to set a schedule that allows you a rest day, cross training and of course involves cardio. Make sure your schedule works to your fitness level because you want to gradually increase weights to lower your risk of an injury. In 6-8 weeks you can reassess where you are and adjust your new schedule accordingly.


Have Fun!

If you have fun while strength training, of course in a safe way, you will enjoy the strengths and strides you make in your training. You will also continue on this progressive path. So make sure enjoy the process of your training!

Now that you have tips on strength training for women, make sure you pump some iron! Ladies, do you lift weights already? Here’s to your healthy, strong and fit body!

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what kind of workout do you recommend Samantha?

Samantha mu fitness goal is Just to toned my abs and let Them show.

not sure why women shouldn't lift heavy weights? when I was into body building I made a point to push myself for results. I do t do that now, but I still try to lift heavier. I have great results from that.

It all depends on what YOUR fitness goals are Mari, to each their own..

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