7 Stretches You Can do While You're at Work ...


Did you know that human bodies were not built to sit for hours at a time? If you sit at your desk for 8 hours a day you can be causing stress to your muscles and your health. Typical sitting position at a desk is leaning forward with strain on your back and neck, which can cause muscular imbalances from sitting at work all day. And recent studies have proven that sitting all day is just as unhealthy as smoking. So stop slouching, take and break and stretch. And after you follow these stretches visit a coworker rather than sending them an email. Awake your senses, become more alert and better your health

1. Lace Hand Stretch

As you are sitting at your desk or if you like stand up, lace your hands and stretch up to the ceiling. Now stretch down to the ground, next in front of you. Relax your back and awaken your senses because today is going to be a great day!

Overhead Tricep Stretch
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