7 Quick Workouts to Squeeze into Your Day ...

If you keep telling everyone that you are too busy to find time for fitness, it may just be time to take a closer look at your day. If major diplomats, celebrities and people working 2-3 jobs can find time for fitness, why can’t you? Life is all about setting your priorities, so restructure your day and start out with a small step, just 10 minutes. If you start out with just 10 minutes, in a few weeks you will crave more and then you can increase your workout time. Take this small step and check out my quick workout ideas to get you on the right track to fitness, health and weight loss success!

1. Running

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Get your running gear on and sprint it out for 10 minutes. If you are like me and you like a minute or two to warm up, jog lightly at first or perform a static stretch. Even though this is just a 10 minute run, you can burn as many as 120 calories, Pick up the pace and put your energy into this run and smile and have a little fun.

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