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If you keep telling everyone that you are too busy to find time for fitness, it may just be time to take a closer look at your day. If major diplomats, celebrities and people working 2-3 jobs can find time for fitness, why can’t you? Life is all about setting your priorities, so restructure your day and start out with a small step, just 10 minutes. If you start out with just 10 minutes, in a few weeks you will crave more and then you can increase your workout time. Take this small step and check out my quick workout ideas to get you on the right track to fitness, health and weight loss success!

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Running Get your running gear on and sprint it out for 10 minutes. If you are like me and you like a minute or two to warm up, jog lightly at first or perform a static stretch. Even though this is just a 10 minute run, you can burn as many as 120 calories, Pick up the pace and put your energy into this run and smile and have a little fun.



Biking If you have an exercise bike that is super convenient because you can get your workout in at home. If you are an outdoor kind of gal, get outside and get a quick 10 minute bike ride in. This small step is a step in the right direction to getting in shape. Baby steps lead to bigger things so get stepping in the right direction!


High Intensity

High Intensity High Intensity workouts are ultra-popular because they help you to reach incredible fitness results, push your limits and elevate your metabolic rate at rest. Perform a 10 minute high intense workout that includes plyometrics and test your body today!



Dancing If you are not one for traditional exercise, start out casual and dance to the beat of your own drum. Put on your favorite tunes and rock it out. Get really into the music and move your body so you work up a sweat. It Is important to elevate your heart rate so you burn mega calories.



DVD There are so many great exercise DVDs or even online videos on All Women Stalk that have short segment workouts that will target your total body. Some workouts to look for are those by trainer Bob Harper, company Beach Body, or even Jackie Warner. Just make sure you perform a light stretch before you get moving so you do not injure yourself.


Your Own Segment

Your Own Segment Go with your fitness flow and perform a set of jumping jacks, lunges, squats, leg lifts and pushups, then repeat for as long as you can with 30 seconds of running in between each set. This small segment can be just what you need to get the blood flowing, heart pumping and get you in the fitness zone. You will feel more alert, have more energy and take a step in the right direction!


Core Workouts

Core Workouts Core workouts are great for those looking to start slow, strengthen their midsection and gradually delve into a workout. So perform 50 jumping jacks, and lay down on your mat for 20 repetitions of regular crunches, followed by a 1 minute repeat. Repeat 1-2 times.

Hope you have a great time doing these 10 minute workouts and you will take this small step in the right direction to better your health and your life. Are you ready to take this next step? Then focus on your life!

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jump rope is good too

I am a busy mom of 5 and work full time. I try to do at least 20 minutes of exercise 3 days per week. It helps me focus and keeps my energy level up.

My fave is dancing.

I do DVD

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