You Need to Try Mountaintop Yoga before Winter Ends ...


You Need to Try Mountaintop Yoga before Winter Ends ...
You Need to Try Mountaintop Yoga before Winter Ends ...

It’s winter, which means you are probably doing workouts that are different than the ones you do in the summertime. Mountaintop yoga is a great cold weather exercise choice. However, it’s not something you hear about all that often. That should change today. Mountaintop yoga gives your body a nice workout and lets you experience some pretty great scenery. Here’s what you need to know about mountaintop yoga.

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You Can Find Classes in Most Mountain Towns

Mountaintop yoga is gaining in popularity, but obviously you can’t do it just anywhere. You’re going to have to be near an actual mountain. Places like Aspen and other ski towns like it are a great place to look for a mountaintop yoga class. The cool thing is that you can do mountaintop yoga in the winter, but many places also offer the classes in the summer.


Clean Air is Perfect for Yoga

Part of the benefits of yoga involve learning to breathe properly. By practicing yoga on a mountain, you get the benefits of the clean air from up high. All that breathing is great for relieving stress and making you feel calm and relaxed. It’s fine to do so in a studio, but I think you’re going to love what that clear mountain air can do for you.


It Can Ease Sore Muscles

Are your muscles suffering the consequences of a day on the slopes? Mountaintop yoga was actually created to help ease this soreness. As you go through the various poses, you help your muscles recover and you achieve a sense of relaxation that can help you suffer through. Now it’s time to head back to the lodge for a hot chocolate.


Mountaintop Yoga is Great for All Ages

Unlike some types of yoga (hot yoga, I’m looking at you), mountaintop yoga is great for all ages. You can take your kids and significant other along with you and enjoy a class together. It’s a perfect way to spend some together and work your muscles at the same time. It’s a fun way to create new memories from your ski or snowboard trip.


Mountaintop Yoga is the Perfect Alternative to Your Regular Routine

Are you on vacay and away from your usual yoga studio? Missing it? Mountaintop yoga is the perfect way to stick with your routine while you’re away from home. This won’t feel like your average yoga session though. Take in the sunny, snowy vistas while you go through the poses. This is a session you are never going to forget.


You Are Going to Challenge Your Muscles in New Ways

You know how walking or running on the beach can make your legs really feel your workout again? That’s because balancing on the sand is harder on your body than flat ground. The same goes for trying to balance on the snow when you’re practicing on the top of a mountain. Challenging your body in new ways helps enhance the benefits of yoga. Cool, right?


You’ll Feel so Much Happier

Yoga is proven to improve your mood, but doing so on a mountaintop can really elevate your happiness. You get the benefits of a great yoga workout combined with the benefits of being out in nature and breathing that clean air. What more could a girl ask for?

Have you ever tried mountaintop yoga? Would you ever give it a try if you could?

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