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Did you know that there is an array of exercises using a foam roller that can help you to reduce inflammation, build strength and increase flexibility? At the fraction of a cost of most exercise equipment, this fitness tool can transform your workouts. But how do you start? Knowing what to do is vital in the fitness and health process. Let me share with you a few great exercises using a foam roller to help you better your health and shape:

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Lower Back

Stretching and strengthening is vital for your lower back health. Place a foam roller under your stomach and roll back and forth to stretch, strengthen and massage your lower back. You will feel better throughout the day as a result and even become more limber! These are some of the most important exercises using a foam roller so do not miss this!



Exercises on your side utilizing the foam roller are amazing for your lats. Lats - the muscles along the side of your back- can become very tight and have you feling lik your muscles are all bunched up. Roll them out with exercises like in this video and feel the difference in your workouts.


Core Exercise

Core exercises can be performed using the foam roller like the superman exercise where you lie on your stomach with the foam roller under you, lift your body up towards the ceiling, hold for several seconds, and then release. You can perform these foam roller exercises at any time because of the portable nature of this versatile piece of fitness equipment!



Lie on your side and perform leg lift holds to work your obliques. As simple as this exercise may seem, it does wonders for your waistline. Just make sure you eat healthy as well because great obliques are a result of both healthy eating and exercise!



Lie on the foam roller to get a better range of motion for your shoulders. The foam roller will elevate your back so you can perform shoulder exercises even easier. These exercises are similar to many Pilates moves and it can help strengthen but make sure you also include a cardio workout by walking or jogging for optimal body results!



Using methodical movements to roll out your triceps can increase blood circulation in a similar fashion to lifting weights. Roll out your arms to achieve great fitness results. Hold stretches for 20 seconds to increase your range of motion. Look at the foam roller as your personal masseuse!



Lie on the foam roller and perform simple leg circles to strengthen your hip flexors and strengthen your body. This simple exercise can make a world of difference in avoiding future injuries down the road, especially if you perform high impact cardio. Perform these hip exercises for just a few minutes and you will feel the difference in subsequent workouts!

With all these foam roller exercises, it is a wonder what you were doing before the foam roller was invented. It's amazing how something as simple as a piece of foam can do so much for reducing inflammation, increasing your range of motion and strengthening your body. So never miss a foam roller workout again! Are you ready to try these foam roller workouts?

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