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Feeling Stressed? These Exercises Will Make Your Anxiety Disappear ...

By Tara

If you are feeling stressed and you want to make your anxiety disappear, simply go work out. Exercise will not only better your health and waistline but all help you to vent your stress. So before you drop to your knees and cry and scream because you are upset; get out for your workout. Believe me as a busy mama of 3 and business owner I seriously could not manage my stress without my workouts. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and I guarantee after you work out you will be less stressed, happier and healthier.

1 Running

Running is one of the best stress relieving exercises because as you run your brain secretes chemicals - endorphins, happy chemicals that will banish the stress for the day. So pound the pavement to alleviate your stress, better your health and your life. A run a day will keep the anxiety away, or at least for a few hours ;-) !

2 Jumping Rope

Did you know that jumping rope is one of the highest calorie burning exercises per minute? It also is ultra-intense if you want it to be; the quicker you move, the harder the workout is. So get your body moving and jump the calories and stress away. Have fun with this fierce fab workout!

3 High Intensity Workouts

Check out this great high intensity workout that will not only elevate your metabolic rate but also alleviate stress. The bursts of tough exercises followed by short rest can have you feeling amazing. Bump up your workouts and try this 45 minute HIIT session.

4 Plyometrics

Finish sweaty and without stress after you push through this hardcore plyometric workout. This fitness session can help you push your body a bit harder and get out of your comfort zone. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and try this super sweat session. You won’t regret it!

5 Spinning

Follow the tips in this spinning workout and head to the gym or do it at home (if you have a bike.). Use the resistance and speed to burn off some calories and stress. Increasing your heart rate and feeling the burn will have you feeling happier in no time!

6 Hula Hooping

Whittle your waist and stress away as you hula hoop strong. This is a timeless exercise that is not only fun but also super effective. Follow the tips and moves in this video so that you can add some fun into your fitness! Bye bye anxiety and hello hula hooping fun!

7 Walking

Banish the bulge and get rid of stress with a 30 minute power walk. Follow this video to get your body in your best shape and feel great. Follow along and have fun because fit and healthy rocks! And walking is a great physical and mental workout!

So now that you know the great exercises that are fun, effective and will help you to alleviate stress; are you ready to feel the burn? Then get your beautiful body moving!

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