Ready to Make a Racket? 7 Workouts You Can do on the Tennis Court ...

As a child sent to a summer tennis camp, I wondered if I would ever enjoy the sport. Then playing on a team in high school, I fell in love with tennis and it just stuck.Through the years I have always found love just picking up a racket for a game, but what about technique? Speed, agility, the right footwork and proper technique are all what can give you the needed competitive edge to bring your game to the next level. Believe me, I am no longer there in terms of competitive tennis but with work can be and so can you! And it is not about just getting out on the court but using the right practices to get you to the next level. So pick up your racket and head to the court to test these workouts that are essential to bettering your game. Are you ready to racket to the next level? Perfect then let’s do it together!

1. Super 7 Essentials

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To better your tennis technique you need to do some work and it has to be the right kind of work. So let me help you get started! Here are 7 super essential workouts that you can do on the tennis court to help sharpen your game. So raise your racket if you want to try some of these fitness drills!

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