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Dancing isn’t just for parties and clubbing because there are dances that tone your body. Can you imagine how fun keeping fit can be just through dancing? If you love to dance but hate to exercise, this is a dream come true. And what’s even better is that dancing can burn between 500 and 1000 calories an hour – seriously! If the thought of stepping on a treadmill makes your heart sink, it’s time to turn up the music and step out into these dances that tone your body.

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Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing This seductive dance is one of many dances that tone the body, and it focuses on the hips, abdomen, back, chest and arms. The rhythmic gyrations of the hips and isolated control of selected muscles create a great low-impact workout that doesn’t stress out the joints. One basic belly dance move is to move the hips in a form of a figure 8. To do this, imagine a large figure 8 painted on the floor with you standing in the middle, and your hips follow the figure 8 pattern. Another move is similar to the action of pedaling a bicycle, only your hips are making the movement. Because it’s low-impact, people of nearly any age can participate.


Belly dancing is a popular form of dance that not only provides a seductive and entertaining performance, but also offers numerous physical benefits. This dance focuses on toning the body, particularly the hips, abdomen, back, chest, and arms. The rhythmic movements and isolated muscle control create a low-impact workout that is gentle on the joints. Basic belly dance moves include hip figure eights and pedaling motions, making it a fun and creative way to stay active. Additionally, belly dancing can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it a great option for those looking for a low-impact workout that is suitable for any fitness level.


Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing Ballroom dancing is great for people at nearly any fitness level. As couples move across the floor and perform some of the twists and turns involved, your heart rate increases and you burn calories. Your body becomes more flexible with time as you stretch and bend. Increasing the amount of time dancing will help you develop strength and endurance. Besides, it’s a lot more fun than just walking.


Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing The story is, tap dancing evolved from West African dances combined with Irish jigs. With that kind of combination, you know it’s got to be a spirited dance. Tap dancing involves tapping out beats with the feet, the sounds usually amplified by metal pieces called “taps” that are attached to the bottom of special shoes. Although the arms aren’t overly involved in the dance, there is a lot of hopping and movement of the legs and feet. It’s a good dance for stamina, strength and balance. Even if you don’t know any tap moves, simply tap out rhythms you hear with your feet to get started.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop The music isn’t for everyone, but the dance style incorporates elements from jazz and street dancing. Many of the moves focus on the arms, legs and knees, which can strengthen and tone your body. Typically, common moves involve something called popping, when you flex then release the shoulder, neck or hips. Other moves include locking, or striking a pose, along with elements of breakdance, a very athletic form of dance usually.



Zumba Zumba is somewhat in vogue right now in gyms and other locations people go for exercise. This Latin-inspired dance-exercise incorporates a lot of cardio with toning sequences. While involved in energetically choreographed routines, you’ll also be using light weights to accentuate and target the areas you’re working on. Not only is it fun getting together and practicing exciting dance moves, but you can take a few of those moves to the club with you.


Zumba classes are a lively and infectious workout that manages to feel more like a dance party than a fitness regimen. As you groove to the pulsating Latin beats, you're likely to find yourself smiling as much as you're sweating. Participants often remark on how quickly the time flies, observing that the high-energy atmosphere makes burning calories and building stamina feel like a celebration. The best part? The choreography is designed for maximum engagement, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned dancers alike, ensuring that everyone leaves with a boosted mood and a toned physique.



Bhangra Bhangra is a traditional folk dance originating in India. It was danced to celebrate the harvest and other community events. However, it is a great cardio and muscle workout! The two signature moves are “the shrug,” a move that tones the shoulders and upper back, and a move called “horse feet,” a move that involves hopping and raising the knees, increasing its value as a great cardio dance. Much time is spent with the knees bent, which improves the tone of the butt and legs. Some of this type of dance could easily be brought into modern dance and used when dancing socially! Some of those moves are sure to surprise!



Salsa Salsa is a very sensuous Latin dance that may be a bit risqué for some, but this flirtatious and sensuous style has been wowing crowds since at least the 1970s. Quick dance sequences and playful poses strengthen the upper body, and bending at the knees frequently strengthens the legs and back. This type of dance will keep you on your toes, with little down time, so you get good cardio. And you don’t have to go to the gym to enjoy it!

If you need some extra motivation to try these dances that tone, how about engaging your friends or partner? Some couples don’t exercise together but dancing is such fun that it won’t feel like you’re working out. Are you ready to pull on your dancing shoes to get fit and toned?

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@KacieNoel you are so right

Samba and zouk too

You missed BALLET!!!! Number one dance form to gain flexibility, good posture, and lean muscle.

YAYYYYYYYYY! So happy bhangra is up there! My favorite form of dance and I feel everyone should try it out!

Also, jazz is a cool option and has some really cool music to dance to if hip hop isn't really your style :) I love it!

Don't overlook Irish step, all that hopping around on the balls of your feet is hard!

Forgot about contemporary dance!!!

Belly dance can be a bit taxing on the knees if you're a bit top heavy... But all of these are perfect and yes, you did miss ballet!

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