9 Pieces of Yoga Gear That Will Have You Bending like a True Yogi ...

If you have ever practiced yoga, you probably know by now that any piece of yoga gear helps with a better experience. For example, a yoga mat keeps you from sliding, and yoga gloves or socks help with slipping. Even if you have never done yoga, these pieces of yoga gear will help get you motivated to try it. Try out these pieces of gear to help you have a better yoga experience, and you will be bending and stretching in no time!

1. Lululemon Pure Balance Water Bottle

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This water bottle is an absolutely adorable piece of yoga gear. It comes in seven different color choices, each consisting of light and vibrant options. The water bottle is also made of glass, so it’s BPA-free, with a silicone wrap to protect it from breaking. It’s dishwasher-safe and perfect to bring with you to yoga class or on the mat at home. You can find it on lululemon.com.

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