9 Pieces of Yoga Gear That Will Have You Bending like a True Yogi ...


9 Pieces of Yoga Gear That Will Have You Bending like a True Yogi ...
9 Pieces of Yoga Gear That Will Have You Bending like a True Yogi ...

If you have ever practiced yoga, you probably know by now that any piece of yoga gear helps with a better experience. For example, a yoga mat keeps you from sliding, and yoga gloves or socks help with slipping. Even if you have never done yoga, these pieces of yoga gear will help get you motivated to try it. Try out these pieces of gear to help you have a better yoga experience, and you will be bending and stretching in no time!

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Lululemon Pure Balance Water Bottle

Lululemon Pure Balance Water Bottle This water bottle is an absolutely adorable piece of yoga gear. It comes in seven different color choices, each consisting of light and vibrant options. The water bottle is also made of glass, so it’s BPA-free, with a silicone wrap to protect it from breaking. It’s dishwasher-safe and perfect to bring with you to yoga class or on the mat at home. You can find it on lululemon.com.


Electric Yoga Seamless Bolt Cropped Pant

Electric Yoga Seamless Bolt Cropped Pant These pants were designed for yoga. They are flexible, supportive, and slimming. The lightning bolt design on the side will make you feel like you are as powerful as lightning! You will look cool, while the cropped style pants will keep you cool (that is almost essential for hot yoga!). To buy them, go to electric-yoga.com, or they are available on amazon.com as well.


Karmic Fit Green Apple’s Mock Jacket

This jacket from Karmic Fit is made from organic bamboo-brushed French terry. It is so soft and comforting that it will feel like a treat after a yoga class. The jacket is good for going to and from yoga class to help keep your muscles warm. It’s made from 25% organic cotton and is eco-friendly as well, if that matters to you. You can buy this jacket on karmicfit.com.


Solow Jersey Fitted Short

Solow Jersey Fitted Short You can’t find yoga shorts that move with your body that often. There are many yoga shorts I have found to be tightening to my range of motion because the fabric isn’t flexible enough. That worry is gone with these shorts that move and stretch with your body’s natural motions. They are also available in five other colors than what’s shown. Buy them at solowstyle.com for 35 dollars.


Zobha Spirit Bra

I love this bra, because it contains everything you need for yoga. It has medium support, which is great because you aren’t doing high-intensity cardio, yet you aren’t inactive. The material is also very comfortable, with what they call performance fabric. There are adjustable straps on this bra that can be hooked together for a cute look and extra support. You can buy this on zobha.com and it comes in 5 other colors.


Gaiam Grey Toeless Yoga Socks

Gaiam Grey Toeless Yoga Socks When looking for a great pair of yoga socks, look no further than these amazing toeless socks by Gaiam. They grip to your yoga mat to help prevent slipping. Also, the toeless aspect helps keep your feet cool at the same time. Yoga socks are also great so that your feet stay clean during the yoga class, as opposed to touching the dirty floor. If that isn't enough, they only cost 10 dollars on target.com!


ALO Yoga Mat

ALO Yoga Mat If you are only going to buy one piece of yoga gear, I suggest getting a yoga mat. Whether you are going to the studio or practicing at home, a mat is essential. It will help you grip onto something that isn’t the floor, and you can associate your mat with feelings of serenity (your you-time!). I like the ALO mats because they are less than 30 dollars and made of 100% recycled PVC. They are available on sbrshop.com if you want to get one.


Lululemon Sand to Savasana Duffel

Lululemon Sand to Savasana Duffel First, I am going to say that this bag is a great all-purpose bag and you will not be disappointed buying it. Second, I am going to say that it’s expensive. It has so many great features though, like a water-proof fabric and a padded laptop pocket, not to mention it has a huge amount of storage. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a mesh pocket for your yoga mat or running shoes, so that both can air out! It is found at lululemon.com for 148 dollars. It’s worth it though!


Tyoga Diva Yoga Cami

Tyoga Diva Yoga Cami The colors of this tank top are absolutely stunning. Blue is shown, but this tank is also available in pink or black. There is a built-in bra for extra support, and it has a good length for yoga class when you don’t want your shirt moving up. The back is gorgeous, with racerback straps, and the fabric is flexible spandex that will bend with you. To buy, go to evolvefitwear.com.

These yoga items will help get you motivated to keep practicing yoga. In turn, you will eventually be bending like any yogi out there! What is your essential piece of yoga gear?

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