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7 Inexpensive Places to Buy Workout Clothes ...

By Jenni

Let's face it, between the equipment, memberships, and expensive places to buy workout clothes, staying fit can get pricey. Thankfully, for every high-end activewear retailer, there are equally inexpensive and high-quality places to buy workout clothes. Even better, these places don't make you look like a paper bag running down the street. All stores on this list pass the criteria of having clothes that make our shapes look better and keep us looking like beauties- even when training like a beast.

1 Old Navy

clothing,sleeve,trousers,abdomen,denim,Old Navy is one of the newest inexpensive places to buy workout clothes that I have found. They have everything from leggings and shorts to sport bras and yoga pants. I love the simple, clean lines of their shirts and the thick fabric of the leggings; no Lululemon wardrobe malfunctions here. With tops that start at about $10 and leggings for as little as $15, we can have a new outfit for all our workout needs!

2 The Gap

Gap Fit,human action,clothing,arm,sports,I am always surprised at the cute and inexpensive things GapFit has. All of the clothes have that relaxed style the Gap is known for, along with simple lines that flatter our bodies. If you are looking for some cool weather clothing, this is the place to go. GapFit's hoodies and long sleeve shirts are oh-so stylish and have prices that will leave you enough pocket change to buy something you don't plan on sweating in.

3 Target

Bestway,clothing,electric blue,product,outerwear,Really, did anyone expect to not see Target on this list? Target is one of the best places to get inexpensive everything. Adorable accessories, check. Super trendy home decor pieces, check. Designers we though only celebrities could afford, check. And now, super cute workout clothing that is bright and colorful without costing an arm and a leg- check, check, and check.

4 Roxy Outdoor Fitness

clothing,sleeve,product,outerwear,brand,Roxy is probably the most expensive activewear retailer on this list, but they are still way cheaper than your full price Nike and Beyond Yoga counterparts. Roxy Outdoor Fitness products are bright and the sport bras are super cute! I am also a massive fan of all their color block pieces.

5 Fabletics

clothing,STRETCH,YOUR,BODY,,STRETCH,Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson and prides itself on having great workout clothes for a low price. When you become a member of Fabletics, your first outfit is up to 50% off. Members also enjoy other price-cuts and the ability to shop pre-styled outfits depending on their size and fitness interests. New clothing is released every month, so there is always something pretty that you have never seen on the site before.

6 H&M

clothing,fashion,spring,footwear,outerwear,Like everything else at H&M, the workout clothes here are pretty well made, very fashionable, and super inexpensive. Some of my favorite sporty things from H&M include their tops, hair accessories, and the ridiculously awesome sport bras. Activewear here begins as low as $5 dollars and does not go much higher than $50.

7 T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross

clothing,sleeve,sports uniform,outerwear,human body,If you have one of these discount clothing stores near you, drop everything and go there for activewear immediately. All three of these clothing stores have a wide selection of higher-end activewear retailers for very low end prices. Sometimes, it may feel like you are looking for a needle in the haystack, but isn't it worth it when that needle ends up being the super cute Adidas running pants for 60% off?

When it comes to getting cute fitness attire for an even cuter price, these are the stores and brands I go to first. Each of these places has surprisingly high quality with low prices. Where are some of your favorite places to shop for activewear?

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