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Where to Shop for the Best Fitness Gear Bargains for Girls Trying to save Money ...

By Leiann

Wondering where to shop for the best fitness gear bargains?

Do your workout clothes depress you or make you feel good? Are you a big tee and hoodie with leggings, especially black? Are your workout clothes extremely over-sized to hide your body?

Many will only buy on clearance or on sale or at thrift shops. Well, for Christmas, a friend gave a friend a $20.00 gift card to Old Navy (heaven). She went online and wanted EVERYTHING. She is 5 ft. 1 in. and was able to buy a set of petite funky leggings to motivate and inspire instead of the usual every day stuff that she wears. She was soooo excited. Which is what inspired this article.

Here's where to shop for the best fitness gear bargains.

1 Amazon Women's Activewear

Are you a woman and want the ULTIMATE shopping experience? Amazon Women's Activewear is for you!

It's the BEST investment for yourself!

2 Forever 21

Second, would be Forever 21 Their 2017 sports and activewear collection starts at $7.90!

Type in "activewear" to search everything from sales, tops, jackets, leggings, shorts, tanks and pants.

Woo Hoo!

3 Old Navy

Go to Old Navy if you want stylish tops, bottoms, jackets, hoodies and sports bras up to 50% off!

Type in "activewear" to search or shop by category, such as The Tee Shop or sweatshirts & sweatpants. Find leggings and shoes under shoes & accessories.

What is fantastic about Old Navy is that they cover every person imaginable including petite, tall, maternity, men, girls, boys, toddler and even baby. ALL stylishly.

Completely superb.

If you would not treat yourself in the past, would you splurge on yourself now?

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