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Having an injury sucks, especially when you’re someone who’s a little addicted to working out. It can be so discouraging, and perhaps even depressing, knowing that you can’t work out, even though it’s something you love to do. Whether you currently have an injury or you’ve dealt with one in the past, these steps will inform you about what to do when you’re dealing with an injury but still want to exercise!

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Talk to Your Doctor

Talk to Your Doctor First and foremost, talk to your doctor about what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you exercise. Your doctor knows better than anyone what your body can and can’t handle while you’re recovering from your injury. Even though you know what feels right and what feels wrong, you could be doing an exercise that feels okay but is doing long-term damage to your body. Your doctor knows what may be hurting you underneath the surface!


Rule out Any and All Possibilities

Rule out Any and All Possibilities I know someone who absolutely loves running. After she injured her knee, she was told not to run but most other forms of exercise were okay. The doctors thought it was probably something that she would have to live with. Months later, a new X-ray discovered a horrible fracture behind her knee that no other X-ray had picked up on in the months before, and the exercising she had been doing was hurting it even more without her realizing it. Make sure you’ve ruled out any and all injury possibilities if your doctors can’t pinpoint exactly what is wrong with you!


Avoid the Area if That’s What the Doctor Advises

Avoid the Area if That’s What the Doctor Advises If it’s something small, a doctor may encourage you to stretch the muscle out of something similar. However, usually your doctor will advise you to avoid the area. It can be easy to blow off the doctor’s advice if you’re not in a lot of pain, but don’t do it. Even if the injury’s pain is manageable, don’t let yourself strain it even more.


Look to YouTube Tutorials

Look to YouTube Tutorials This sounds crazy, but we all know that YouTube is home to nearly any video you could think of. Weirdly enough, YouTube has a ton of fitness tutorials for people nursing specific injuries. Search YouTube for your injury and fitness tutorials, and you may be surprised just how many options you find!


Work with Your Instructors on Modifications

Work with Your Instructors on Modifications Your instructors are certified professionals, which means that you should trust them more than anyone to help you come up with modifications to their classes. They’ll help you and work with you to figure out something that won’t hurt you but will help you enjoy your favorite classes still!


Stay Involved with Your Gym or Class

Stay Involved with Your Gym or Class If you’re injured and told that you can’t work out at all, don’t get down on yourself. It’d be really easy to get upset and discouraged. It may even get so depressing for you that once your injury is healed, you won’t even want to get back to your gym. To avoid that possibility, stay close with the people you work out with. Spend time at your gym, make a point to see them outside of the gym, and stay connected. It will make it so much easier to get back into it once your injury is healed!


Work on Your Own Time

Work on Your Own Time You’re not going to be 100% perfect at the gym once the doctor gives you the all clear. It’s going to take some time to get back into a routine and get back to the strength you once had. Remember that you’re working on your own time and no one else’s!

Have you ever worked out while sustaining an injury? How did you deal with it? Let me know in the comments!

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I've caused myself to have sore knees , I am really addicted to exercise I was taking part in bootcamp and body pump but been off them exercises over a month now to avoid getting myself depressed I still workout in the gym taking it easy on the cross trainer and rowing machine listened to my instructor and took care of my body you only get one set of knees. I also have shoulder injury over the years of lifting heavy objects and weights so I have reduced my weights as it's all about technique not weight in girls never give up ladies there's always a solution to success

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