7 Yoga Poses for People Who Want to Improve Their Brain's Work ...


7 Yoga Poses for People Who Want to Improve Their Brain's Work ...
7 Yoga Poses for People Who Want to Improve Their Brain's Work ...

Yoga can do more than improve your body. It can also improve your mind. If you contort yourself into the right positions, it will get your blood flowing. That means that yoga can actually help your mind as much as your body. If you're interested in bettering your brain, here are a few yoga poses that will help you as long as you do them often enough:

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The Dolphin Pose

You're going to start on your knees. Rest your body weight on your forearms with your elbows shoulder-width apart. Then you can flatten your palms onto the floor. Now it's time to drop your shoulder blades, lift your belly up, get onto your toes, and lift your hips upward. You can even walk your feet forward a bit if it makes you feel more comfortable.


The Extended Puppy Pose

This pose looks a little uncomfortable, but it's not as bad as it seems. All you have to do is extend your arms on the floor while you're on your knees. Keep your hips back, stretch your back, and relax by taking deep breaths. It's that simple.


The Camel Pose

For this pose, you're going to get on your knees and bend your body back as far as you can. Reach your fingertips toward your heels while keeping your chin in a comfortable position, so you don't hurt your head.


The Hare Pose

This one will come easy to you. It's a pose you've probably done on your own without realizing it. All you're going to do is get on your knees, cross your arms, and let your forehead fall against the floor. Not only will this pose help your brain function, but it will also give you relief from your pesky period cramps. What's better than that?


The Thunderbolt Pose

For this pose, you're going to start by kneeling on the mat with the tops of your feet against the mat. Then you should move to rest your booty on the soles of your feet. Keep your back straight while slightly lifting your chest. That's it!


The Shoulder Stand Pose

You shouldn't do this one if you're a beginner. Wait until your body is flexible, you have good balance, and you have a soft floor that won't hurt your head. Once you have all of those things, plus faith in yourself, you should start with your shoulders and back against the ground with your hips off of the ground. Push your hips over your head and try to keep your legs straight up in the air.


The Plow Pose

Here's another one that you shouldn't try unless you consider yourself an expert at yoga. After all, you're going to end up with your feet over your head. If you try this pose before your body is ready for it, then you're going to end up in a whole lot of pain. That's why you should start small before you try to go overboard with a pose like this.

Yoga is good for your mind, body, and soul. That's why you should set aside time for it each week. If you do these poses often enough, then you'll notice a major change in yourself. How long have you been doing yoga for?

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Great poses slowly getting into yoga hopefully get my family into it too 😊

Great one.

Interesting article

Can I do these poses, as I have high blood pressure and thyroid issues?

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