How to Get the Most out of Having a Personal Trainer ...


How to Get the Most out of Having a Personal Trainer ...
How to Get the Most out of Having a Personal Trainer ...

Having a personal trainer is like having a fitness friend to guide you in workouts and motivate you daily. Your trainer will help correct and perfect your form and bring you on a wonderful journey to better fitness and health. As you work towards your goal you will not be alone and you will have someone that cares about your fitness results. Your trainer can give you a food plan to help you make better food choices and give you that extra push you need. So if you are thinking about hiring a trainer let me share with you how to get the most out of hiring a personal trainer!

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Ask Questions

As a certified trainer for countless years I always encourage clients to ask questions, after all you are there to help them. Questions can be on muscle groups, why you are doing a specific exercise or even if there are ways to target specific areas of your body. Make the most out of having a trainer and never be afraid to ask questions.


Check in Daily

Most trainers will either check in daily or every other day to ensure you are sticking to the plan they give you. To be accountable to achieving great results you should check in every day and let them know you completed your workout. This will ensure that you are staying on track to crushing your goal!


Request a Healthy Food Plan

If you exercise regularly but do not make healthy food choices you will not achieve your health goals. So request a food plan from your trainer to help you see ultimate results. Most trainers have nutrition certifications and some are even registered nutritionists so they can create the right meal plan custom for you and your busy life!


Follow Your Trainers Push

As your trainer pushes you to work harder, feel this energy and go with it. Do not hold back and push yourself to achieve fitness greatness. Your trainer will help you to make possible what you may have thought before was impossible.


Let Them Stretch You out

Feeling tight today? Let your trainer stretch out your muscles and help aid your recovery. Your trainer can help guide you with a list of stretches you can do at home. These stretches will not only help you to feel better but also prevent an injury down the road.


Share What is Bothering You

If you are feeling sad and fighting with your boyfriend, you may not have focus in your workout. So share your stressors with your trainer and put it into your workout. Use this stress to fuel your workout and you will sweat out the stress as you work hard. It is amazing how a workout can help melt the stress away and you may even solve some problems along the way too!


Remind Them of Your Goals if They Change

As you work with your trainer and meet goals you may change your goals along the way. For example once you meet your weight loss goal you may decide to run a 5k and then after you achieve this you may choose a longer distance race. Share your goals with your trainer so he or she can adjust your schedule accordingly and work with you to achieve this!

So now that you know how to make the most of having a trainer, get out and smash your goals and be the healthiest version of yourself. And remember with hard work, dedication and the right trainer you can use that push to reach your inner athlete!

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