Compound Exercises to Push You Harder than Ever before ...


Are you making the most of your time and exercising doing compound movements? Compound Movements are the ultimate exercises that can transform your body in a shorter time period. A compound movement is any exercise that engages two or more different joints to fully stimulate entire muscle groups and, work multiple muscles. And by performing compound exercises you can boost your metabolism and put your body into fat burning mode. Become a fat burning machine by using compound exercises for an effective workout. Not sure where to start? Then check out these compound exercises to push you harder than ever before.

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Fat Loss

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of compound exercises. Compound exercises can challenge you to help you to boost your sluggish metabolism and even lose weight. So follow along with these exercises and make sure you focus on form so you make the most out of each exercise targeting your body!


Total Body Exercise

Compound exercises like in this video can work your larger and smaller muscle groups. So stimulate your muscle groups and become a fat burning machine after consistently performing these exercises!


Get Fit with Compound Exercises

Increase both your endurance and strength by performing compound exercises like the ones found in this video. These exercises are sure to push you, challenge you and transform your body. So get in your workout wear and get moving to these compound exercises that are sure to help you get in shape!


Gain Lean Muscle and Lose Weight

Perform the multi movement exercises in this video to boost your metabolism and help you to lose weight. Become a fat burning machine by choosing to perform these exercises on a regular basis. And stop waiting, wishing and start doing to get in shape!


Combine 2 Exercises in One

Multiple exercises in one will help you to elevate your heart rate even more and get in fat burning mode! By challenging your body you will find yourself out in breath and pushing your body to the max. So follow along to the compound exercises in this video and get in your best shape!


Lose It with Laura

Lose weight, get fit and push yourself to the max with Laura as she performs compound exercises that are sure to boost your metabolism and help you get into fat burning mode. With the energy of Laura you may find yourself working out harder and with more energy and this translates to more results!


Boost up Your Metabolism with Burpees

Boost your metabolism with a good old fashioned burpee. In this video I will help you to perform this exercise properly and get in fat burning mode. Burpees are one of the best compound exercises that can work your total body and help you to get in your best shape!


Push-up with Row

Do a push-up during a high plank position. Next, perform a row with your right arm while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Then, do another push-up and row with your left arm, focusing on keeping your chest down. Alternate sides. For more of a challenge, lift a weight with each row.


Squat to Overhead Press

Stand with your feet at hip-width apart and hold a weight in both hands at your chest. Next, bend your knees and send your hips back and come into a low squat. Place the weight overhead, bringing the weight back to your chest.


Step-up with Press

Step up onto a chair, step, or bench with your right foot while holding a weight. Engage your right glute and hamstrings as you step up. While straightening the right leg, press the weight overhead and shoulders pressed down. Then, bring the weight slowly to your chest and bring your left foot down. Repeat on the opposite side.

Since compound exercises are one of the most efficient ways to help you to get in shape, get working to get fit and fab! Tell me, what is your favorite compound exercise? Mine is the burpee because it challenges you to achieve great results!

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You can do all these on Jillian michaels one week and 30 day shred. YW.

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