Why You Should All Work out with Me on Meerkat ...


Why You Should All Work out with Me on Meerkat ...
Why You Should All Work out with Me on Meerkat ...

As a certified trainer for just over twelve years I know what it takes to get fit and also to stay in shape. I have trained countless clients along with myself on a regular basis. And as a health and fitness writer for AWS, I guide readers to sculpt their body on a daily basis. Now with all the Meerkat video streams, I do this is just an extension of all the health focused work that I do. I would love it if you follow me on my Meerkat stream and you can get in your best shape. After all that is why I do what I do. I train clients because this is my passion and I care about helping you!

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Get on a Schedule

Get on a Schedule If you follow my workouts and get fit with me on Meerkat you can tune in on Wed, Fri and Sun at 9:00EST. This is a guarantee that you will work out for at least 3 days a week. So get on a schedule with exercise so you can see how consistency can change your body and your mind.


Guide You in Proper Form

Guide You in Proper Form One of the largest reasons people are held back to achieving their fitness and health goals is that when they workout they are not following proper form. Without proper form you will not target your intended muscle groups and you can also increase your risk of an injury. So workout with me on Meerkat so you can ensure proper form as I guide you.


Knowing the Reps and Sets

Knowing the Reps and Sets As you exercise with me I will guide you in how many reps you should perform along with just how many sets. Start out with 1 set and as you get stronger, you can work your way to three.


Stay Motivated

Stay Motivated By exercising with me on Meerkat you will stay motivated. You know I won’t be going anywhere so you know you can log on and I will be there waiting for you. And knowing that I will be there to help you will just motivate you more to take the time and get it done.


Can Ask Questions

Can Ask Questions As I train you on Meerkat you can ask questions on form, diet or any other health related question that ponders your mind. I am there for 45 minutes at each session and my goal is to help you to achieve your goal. And if you have any questions after this session you can always visit any AWS article I write and post in the comment section with questions. I am here to help you to get in your best shape!


Have a Trainer for Free

Forget the high weekly personal training fee that I charge and train with me for free. Listen to my guidance as I help you to get fit, lose weight and better your health. Follow my tips and you will transform your body and mind!


Will Help You Get Fit and Have Fun

Will Help You Get Fit and Have Fun As you watch me on Meerkat we will talk health and fitness, exercise together, share stories and have a blast. Fitness is as fun as you allow it to be. So let’s have a blast together as we get our workout in. And in little time you will achieve the amazing results you have dreamed of.

Stop wishing, start doing and join me on Meerkat for the fitness workout of your life!

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