Why You Should All Work out with Me on Meerkat ...

As a certified trainer for just over twelve years I know what it takes to get fit and also to stay in shape. I have trained countless clients along with myself on a regular basis. And as a health and fitness writer for AWS, I guide readers to sculpt their body on a daily basis. Now with all the Meerkat video streams, I do this is just an extension of all the health focused work that I do. I would love it if you follow me on my Meerkat stream and you can get in your best shape. After all that is why I do what I do. I train clients because this is my passion and I care about helping you!

1. Get on a Schedule

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If you follow my workouts and get fit with me on Meerkat you can tune in on Wed, Fri and Sun at 9:00EST. This is a guarantee that you will work out for at least 3 days a week. So get on a schedule with exercise so you can see how consistency can change your body and your mind.

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