HIIT Workouts for Girls Looking to Burn Fat Fast ...


HIIT Workouts for Girls Looking to Burn Fat Fast  ...
HIIT Workouts for Girls Looking to Burn Fat Fast  ...

Burning fat can be the hardest part of a workout. HIIT is a great solution for this, as it adds in rests and low impact exercises combined with high impact to burn fat and also tone. HIIT gives you a more complete workout instead of just doing cardio. Here are the latest and greatest HIIT workouts to try out.

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Totally Toned Bikini Bod

This workout is a great, fun workout for a bikini body, just in time for summer. In only 15 minutes, your whole body will feel the burn. This workout tones your abs, arms, booty, and thighs. This is THE workout for a knockout binkin bod.


No Equipment Home Workout

Fitness Blender takes you step by step from high intensity moves to low impact. The entire workout is timed and also gives you and warm up and a cool down. This is the perfect workout for those beginning to workout for the first time, or simply like direction.


Killer Abs Fast

Only 10 minutes, this workout burns belly fat, especially in the lower abs. The instructor leads you every step of the way and lets you know what you are getting into. If you want killer abs, this HIIT workout is for you.


Ultimate HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

This HIIT workout is perfect for people who get bored working out, often due to repetition. This workout incorporates a new exercise each interval, keeping you moving and engaged. This workout is perfect for people who get bored easily during a workout.


Blast Fat in Only 5 Minutes

This HIIT workout is perfect for HIIT beginners or simply those who are short on time. While there isn't a lot of talking during the actual exercises, the instructor tells you what you will be doing and the moves are super easy to follow. This workout is perfect for girls looking to blast fat fast.


Challenge Tabata Workout

This workout is for those not new to HIIT workouts and are looking for more of a challenge. This also includes modifications if the movements become to hard. A longer workout, this workout will challenge you and burn a crazy amount of fat.


Burn Fat, Not Muscle

Not for beginners, this workout is for those wanting to burn fat but keep the muscles they have built up from previous workouts. This workout uses hand weights for added intensity. This workout is ideal for those who workout regularly and are looking to switch up their workout.

Whether your a beginner to HIIT workouts or do high intensity workouts on a regular basic, one or more of these workouts is ideal for you to burn fat fast! Which HIIT workout will you try?

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