Exercise Swaps for Girls Who Want to Break through a Plateau ...


Exercise Swaps for Girls Who Want to Break through a Plateau ...
Exercise Swaps for Girls Who Want to Break through a Plateau ...

Tips to break through a plateau are all over the place and many of them work, while others might not. One of the best ways to break through a weight loss plateau and get your progress back on track is to make some easy exercise swaps. These simple changes to your workout routine will give you awesome results without having to put in too much time and effort. Get ready to have the best looking body in town with these tips to break through a plateau.

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Reverse Crunches Instead of Traditional Crunches

Crunches were once the be all and end all of ab moves, but things have really evolved with time. Reverse crunches are now the way to go and have way more benefits than the old way. If you're stuck in getting the six pack you crave, this swap is one of the best ways to break a plateau and should have you on the right track in no time at all.


Pushups on Medicine Balls Instead of the Usual Way

It's no secret that push ups can build the muscle in your shoulders, arms and chest, but try doing them on a couple of medicine balls and you'll be challenged in a whole new way. If you're stuck with your progress, this easy swap should have things revved up in no time.


Standing Cable Presses Instead of Chest Presses

Since you push and pull during many of your daily activities, blasting through a plateau requires doing something that really challenges those muscles. Swapping your regular chest presses for standing cable presses is a great way to do this. You're going to love the results!


Deadlifts Instead of Squats

Squats are many women's go-to move for sculpting the lower body, but they shouldn't be your only one. You don't have to stop doing squats altogether, but swapping them out for deadlifts now and then can boost your results and keep your body challenged.


Cable High Curls Instead of Biceps Curls

If you're stuck in a rut of doing the same old biceps curls, it's definitely time to shake things up. By doing cable high curls instead, you get your arm muscles moving in new ways to build muscle and strength. This move also works your core and back so it's a double duty move you should add to your routine right now.


One Armed Presses Instead of Shoulder Presses

This easy swap makes the load on your arms uneven, so your core has to work harder. That means you get better results and sculpt your arms and abs at the same time. Start with a pound load that is comfortable for one arm and work up as you get stronger.


Dynamic Planks Instead of Traditional Planks

Planks are a great way to activate the muscles in your arms, shoulders and core, but dynamic planks take things to a whole new level. The added balance challenge amplifies your results and gets you busting through that plateau in no time at all.

Which of these exercise swaps are you most excited to try? What other advice can you share?

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