4 Things to Consider before Increasing Your Fitness Routine ...


4 Things to Consider  before Increasing  Your Fitness Routine ...
4 Things to Consider  before Increasing  Your Fitness Routine ...

There are definitely some things to consider before increasing your fitness routine. After all, you want to get in shape, not get hurt.

People often make the mistake of moving too quickly with their workout routines. If this is you, don’t be surprised that you have not seen any results. There are three levels of exercise: stabilization, strength, and power. You cannot achieve the results you are looking for without going through each level and sub level. Let’s begin with stabilization as it’s the most important because without it, you will never be able to achieve the other two levels. Here are the things to consider before increasing your fitness routine.

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thigh, joint, leg, shoulder, active undergarment, One of the most important things to consider before increasing your fitness routine is building stabilization and muscular endurance while also developing coordination. Here’s an example. See if you can hold a pushup position for 30 to 60 seconds WITHOUT moving. Now, do that same exercise on a stability ball. If you can hold that position on a big round ball without any issues, then your neuromuscular efficiency is developing well, but you’re still not at the strength and power levels yet. This can take months to achieve, so take your time because if you don’t and move too quickly you can get hurt.



weightlifter, exercise equipment, strength training, physical fitness, weight training, You cannot get to this level WITHOUT FIRST working on your neuromuscular efficiency. I can guarantee a serious injury if you do. You must first crawl before you can walk. The strength level works with the stabilization level to help improve overall work capacity. This level has 4 phases that also need to be followed before moving onto the power stage. That includes strength endurance goals, strength endurance strategies, hypertrophy training (mainly for body builders but also great for those who have want a chiseled body), and maximum strength training. Again, go through each at your own pace for the best results.



muscle, thigh, abdomen, shoulder, model, The power level should only be performed AFTER completing the stabilization and strength levels. This is where power and speed come in (think plyometric workouts). Alternate a heavy load and then a light load, and go as fast as you can. Your muscles have to be able to put out maximum force in short amounts of time for this to work.



infrastructure, road, joint, physical fitness, recreation, If you are wondering why you are working out and not seeing much as far as results, your neuromuscular efficiency may be nonexistent and you might not have the ability to properly do your workouts. If you cannot perfect your stances and experience pain, your body is not stable. You should not feel pain while working out. If you do, STOP, correct your form and then continue. If you wobble during a push up, you have work to do in the stabilization department. Only when you master that will you be able to master the other two levels. This of course, takes time. Do exercises that challenge your entire body (squats with arm raises, standing leg squat, push ups on a stability ball). Cardio is great, but it is not enough for neuromuscular efficiency.

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